Stop the press 2014 Barolos New Reviews

The finest 2014s are some of the most thrilling young Barolos I have ever tasted. The best 2014s possess extraordinary aromatic intensity, finely sketched fruit and silky tannins that are the result of fully ripe skins and seeds. Some of the 2014s have a grace that recalls 2008, others are a bit more potent in feel, especially where yields were low. My favorite wines in 2014 have an inner sweetness, perfume and silkiness that remind me the young 2004s or mature 1989s. ANTONIO GALLONI

No, you are not imagining things here we have offered these wines out previously but as is often the case some arrived before the reviews had been released. Well, now they are in and predictably glowing for these three producers. It also coincided with a lunch we put on, hosted by Michael, to taste through the range from Porro, Rinaldi and Veglio where the transparency and energy of the vintage was on show as well as the talent possessed by the respective families.

While all three estates produce great wines, and I think remarkable value in the context of Barolo, they are uniquely different. Mauro Veglio and his wife Daniela are based in the heart of La Morra and craft seductive wines in a modern style, the emphasis being on purity, fragrance and texture. Guido Porro are a Serralunga based producer who have been flying under the radar for years now. The make super traditional wines that capture the essence of their sites, our kind of wines. Francesco Rinaldi are located in the commune of Barolo are one of the stalwarts of traditional production and their wines show impeccable purity and grace matched by a lush fruit presence. At the end of the day the three of them are making wines that deserve the attention of all Italiophiles and wine lovers alike.

We have extended the 20% discount on all the wines, as we would love to see them all find good homes, further emphasizing their place as wines that are both remarkable in quality but also value. If the tone of the email did not get the point across we hold these three producers in the highest regard, if for varying reasons.