Super Rhone Saturday 2017

ON THE NORTH - For wine lovers who favor richness, weight and emphatic flamboyant fruit, 2015 will be a vintage to dive into, deeply. JOSH RAYNOLDS, Vinous Media

ON THE SOUTH -What especially impresses me about the 2015 vintage in Châteauneuf-du-Pape is the consistently high quality of the wines, from entry-level bottlings up to the limited-production special cuvées coveted by collectors. There are striking wines to be had at every price point in 2015, including numerous basic bottlings that deliver exceptional value.

Broadly speaking, I view 2015 as a cross between the richness of 2009 and the energy and structure of 2010, with the overall personality of the wines leaning closer to ’09 than to ’10. The best examples show serious depth along with very good definition and back-end vivacity, and little in the way of cooked-fruit character. The wines have generally begun their lives with a more pleasing balance of mid-palate fruit and tannins than the sterner 2005s or even the 2010s, which should allow them to be enjoyable relatively young. At their best – and there are many high points in 2015 – the wines exhibit the classic richness of the region allied to freshness, which will make them appealing. JOSH RAYNOLDS, Vinous Media

The 2015 vintage is causing quite a buzz around the traps at the moment and for good reason. It would be fair to say, I think, that it is one of those exceedingly rare years where nearly all of the major wine regions in Europe had major wins. By that I mean it was a great – exceptional vintage just about everywhere. What this means for us is lots of extra tastings, offers and events to make sure everyone gets to taste through, buy and drink some of these incredible offerings.

This weekend’s tasting highlights some of great value that has come out of the Rhone Valley from 2015 and should be a sensational line up with wines from some of the good and great of the region including, Coursodon, JL Chave, Guigal, Charvin, Marcoux, Graillot and many more.

While several of the wines do not as yet have reviews we assure you they are on song and the only way to find out it to come along and try them yourself.


Roscoe and the team at PWS