Syrahmi Demi Syrah 2017 Offer

Adam Foster, chef-turned-sommelier-turned-winemaker, is about to take it to the next level with his fringe-Heathcote estate property (and the fruit he will grow there). That is my prediction. Working off an already high base, the future looks exciting. MIKE BENNIE

Adam Foster is one of the seemingly growing number of producers who began their career in a different part of the wine/hospitality game and was drawn by the allure of creating something of his own, I would suggest against all advice from any established winemakers who are usually not shy about telling people “you are crazy if you get in to the wine business”.

There are some notable and important differences though, mostly he began his mission before this trend for somms to make a little wine on the side was a thing. Also he entered the game with every intention of it being his primary occupation and started to get experience working with some of the worlds greatest winemakers both at home and overseas, making sure he had a proper handle on what was required before launching his own label. He has purchased a property in the region, planted a vineyard and recently finished construction of his own winery as opposed to many for whom in the hospitality industry making wine is a side project or hobby.

Years later he has, in my opinion, helped reshape what we think Heathcote Shiraz should be. He has worked hard to understand the vineyards he works with and the regional impact on the wines.

His background as a top notch chef then sommelier (and his lush habits of regularly drinking all the world’s greatest wines) gives him a real understanding for what works in a wine and also what works in the table. His interpretation of the region tends towards a more finessed and supple expression rather than some of the blockbuster and often overwhelming examples that traditionally come out of the area. His idea is that the wines should be digestible (it’s an idea I love, if you drink wine with food then the wine cant overpower everything) and refreshing and above all you should be able to sense the origins and place of the wine.

He talks a lot about balance and appeal, his Demi has always meant to be the embodiment of that idea, a wine for the table and to be shared with friends and family. A mid weight offering that delivers on deliciousness and value for money. The 2017 is the best to date, if anything it has a degree more seriousness than usual but still all that lovely engaging and juicy fruit, subtle spices and an open, inviting nature. This is what Syrah should be from Heathcote and its dead set lovely. Well played Foz.

Another project Foster and his good wife Pip are have on the go is their olive oil from their well established, organic grove on the property in Tooborac which came with the farm when they purchased it. Foster has kindly offered to supply a free bottle for anyone who buys a case of his Syrahmi. Trust me on this, it’s my house oil and it is VERY good.

If all that wasn’t enough I asked him to put to paper the recipe for his world famous duck ragu (maybe world famous is a slight exaggeration but it really is very good). I have attached that below. It is a great accompaniment to the wine as I and a number of others can attest to.

This is genuinely a great offering from one of the trades loveable characters and a wine that is guaranteed to make a lot of people happy. Don’t take my word for it though Mike Bennie sums it up beautifully in his review.