The Art of Grappa - Nonino Masterclass

There are a handful of well-respected Italian brands out there, but Nonino was one of the first to redeem grappa’s good name as a sophisticated spirit back in the ’70s by producing single-grape grappas, made from just one varietal. You might also know them from their Amaro Nonino, which happens to be one of my favorite amari on the market. ANDREW KNOWLTON, Bon Appetit

Nonino have been producing fine Grappa and Distillate since 1897 (using artisonal distillation methods) and this sit down masterclass in our function space in Zetland with the very own Marco Fabbris of Nonino to host, will provide a wonderful insight into what goes into making great grappa. Prince Wine Store have been selling Nonino's superb amari and grappas for nearly 20 years and we are delighted that Marco will be in town to present and talk about them.