The Boat's Landed: New European Arrivals 2020

Well we couldn’t agree more, so much so we took the plunge into the trials and tribulations of the dynamic and often tumultuous world of wine to bring you what we think is some of the best wines coming from Europe and abroad. Prince has been a wine retailer for nearly 20 years now and for a large part of that  time we have sourced wine direct. Wine that we think you must try.

In that time, we have forged strong and lasting friendships as well as wonderful relationships with so many fellow wine lovers and wine tragics alike. The road to discovery, as we have expanded the portfolio, has been an exciting one and continues to be in the dynamic world of wine.. We are truly lucky to be in the position we are in and even luckier to be able to share that passion with you.

Our most recent container has arrived, and it is full of goodies. We’re showing a cross-section of French wines and some new Italian imports we think you will love. We will see how some of our favourite’s are doing but also give you a chance to acquaint yourselves with latest vintages and additions to the portfolio.

We have a pretty simple ethic for choosing wine; it must be great… and that’s it really, as simple as it can get. We hope you enjoy!