The Five Best of the Best Value Pinot Noir 2019

Finding great value Pinot Noir gets harder and harder every year but we have done all the hard work for you, and before you ask - yes it was tough. As the saying goes though, somebody has got to do it. So below is a selection of some of the best-looking Pinot in the country for what we think are ridiculously good prices. These producers are all delivering wines that punch well above their weight. No easy feet considering Pinot's finnicky and fussy nature.

The wines are all sourced from Aussie premium Pinot Regions and all from 2018 - an all round great vintage. Yarra and Macedon had their issues early on with cool and sometimes wet weather that loomed, but eventually broke into a dry, long and warm finish producing excellent grapes. Mornington faired the best it had in 30 years while Adelaide Hills feared some heat stress early on with an Indian summer that produced outstanding Pinot.

The best thing about these Pinot's is they are not just simple, juicy, non-descript red fruity plonk. These are all wines that are delicious to drink and have lovely subtle complexity as well as that x-factor that makes this grape so sought after. Are these Burgundy-busters? No way. But for shear drinking pleasure, and a little more, at such an affordable price point it would be hard to give them a miss.