Thevent Beaujolais Offer 2019

Jean-Paul Thévenet—along with Jean Foillard, Guy Breton and ringleader the late Marcel Lapierre—is one of the original natural winemakers of Morgon, and he produces some of the appellation’s most elegant wines from his less than five hectares of vines. WILLIAM KELLEY, The Wine Advocate

The last decade has witnessed some of the best Beaujolais vintages in history… Simply put, I can’t imagine any wine lover who enjoys great Beaujolais not being thrilled to have a healthy stash of these wines in their cellar. JOSH RAYNOLDS

If there’s one wine region that is putting a collective smile on the face of winemakers, importers, merchants, sommeliers, wine bar staff and consumers around the world right now it is Beaujolais. What a moment it is having. NICK STOCK,

Thévenet is consistently one of the great producers of Beaujolais JOSH RAYNOLDS

Thevenet is one of the region’s best known biodynamic practitioners. Their old vines naturally produced low yields that are hand-harvested, whole cluster fermented and aged in old Burgundy barrels with no fining or filtration. NEAL MARTIN

Aged in old DRC casks someone was saying…. Is that a little whiff of La Tache? A note of Richebourg? No, no I don’t think it is. Not sure if that is a selling point for the wines and to be honest they don’t need any gimmicks as the quality here is brilliant for all three cuvee.

Long term fans of this producer will note that for the first time, I believe, the label now reads Jean-Paul et Charly as opposed to the father and son having their own separate labels, it makes life a lot easier for the consumer and for people like me who struggle to remember all the various family connections in Beaujolais.

This is a tremendous bracket from Thevenet! The class and quality of these wines in 2018 just goes to show what great Beauj in the hands of a producer like this and from a year like 2018 can achieve. It still takes me by surprise when wines like this come across the tasting table, not the quality of the offerings but that people here aren’t beating down our door to grab some for their collections. Considering the relatively inexpensive price tags and how much these wines have to offer I genuinely cant fathom why anyone who loves a glass of something special wouldn’t want to stock their cellars or load up their stash with Beauj these days. One of those “what more could you ask for” situations.

If you are not familiar with these wines then it is worth making a quick couple of points. Firstly JP Thevenet is regarded as one of the producers who has helped transform the region and bring the quality back to its previous glory. Along with the likes of Thivin, Foillard, Chermette and of course the late great Marcel Lapierre, Thevenet represents the very peak of quality in modern Beaujolais and are central to the reinvigoration of this remarkable reason. Secondly he was one of the first producers in the region to adopt biodynamics and sustainable farming methods, helping to inspire a generation of young vignerons to change their practices and push for higher quality.

While wine store shelves and restaurant lists across the world are now inundated with exciting Beaujolais few of them are as exciting to drink as Thevenet and fewer still demonstrate their origins with such purity and precision.

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