Turon and Murdoch Hill

With the quality of wines released under the Turon Wines label, one is tempted to say the sky's the limit. As it is, it is one of the best three new wineries in this Wine Companion. JAMES HALLIDAY 2019 Wine Companion

Murdoch Hill is setting a very high benchmark, particularly considering the winemaking nous comes from a young talent in Michael Downer. THE WINE FRONT

The Adelaide Hills is arguably Australia's most dynamic wine region, it was founded in the late 1800's but it didn't really make an impact until the 1970's. This was when a few of Australia's finest wine people began replanting the region specifically looking for cool-climate sites. Think names like Geoff Weaver, Prue Henschke and Brian Croser.  Over the past 5 -15 years, the Adelaide Hills have welcomed a new generation of vignerons and winemakers looking to establish their own label, starting small and using their size to lean into the artisanal 'hands off' approach. 

In our eyes two great examples of this progression are Murdoch Hill & Turon, both of which produce dynamic wines. 

Here's what James Halliday recently had to say about tasting Turon's wines; 'When you taste a gold-medal equivalent (95 points or above) wine from an unknown fledgling winery, you are impressed. When another gold-medal wine follows, the thermometer rises, and when the haul is four such wines (and another three in silver-medal territory), you know you are onto something beyond the ordinary.'