Twenty Magnums for 20% off

Here at PWS HQ we have a slight addiction to large format bottles. It’s not a problem, I mean we only buy magnums when it’s full of wine we really like so surely that’s a good thing right? At the heart of it who wants to drink a half magnum (what some people call bottles) of a great wine when you can have 1.5L of the stuff on the table? I know I don’t.

The flipside to this is that we have accumulated a rather large collection in recent times and there is no doubt that we will do it again and so we have quite a few sitting on the shelves and in the cellar at the moment so we thought it was time to send out an offer to everyone with 20% off large format bottles. I have to stress that this is no bin ends sale here, the list contains some of the greatest names in wine from top vintages. There is Roberto Voerzio, Clos des Papes, Charvin, Dr Loosen, Vilmart, Rieussec, d’Yquem, Ogier, Petrolo, Donnhoff, Valdicava, Vietti, Benjamin Leroux, the list goes on but you get the idea, there is a lot here and it really is a bit of a candy store for wine lovers with a taste for the good things in life and big bottles of them.

I have included availabilities on the wines where they are six bottles or less but I think it is also worth mentioning that if you see something where we only have a little and you would like more let me know as this is just the stock we have and I may be able to source more. Also worth pointing out that this is only a selection of the large formats so if you fund anything else online that you are interested in that isn’t on this list I would be happy to extend the offer to any Magnum in stock, just email or call me and I will look after it.