Tyrrell's Latest Release Tasting with Bruce Tyrrell

One of the most successful family wineries, a humble operation for the first 110 years of its life that has grown out of all recognition over the past 40. JAMES HALLIDAY

The icon status of Tyrrell's is well deserved. The winery has some of the longest history of winemaking in Australia with their first vintage dating back to 1864 and the original winery still standing on the property. Bruce Tyrrell continues a family legacy built on the solid foundation established by 5 generations of the Tyrrells family. Making some of Australia's most sought after and well-regarded wines, the latest generation, with Bruce at the helm and Chris as Chief Operation Officer, preserves the illustrious history while shaping a very bright future for this still, family owned winery.

Perhaps one of the greatest if not most recognisable successes has been the introduction of the Vat Series. Names like Vat 1 Semillon, Vat 9 Hunter and Vat 47 Hunter Chardonnay have become part of the Australian wine lover's vernacular. The focus on growing high-quality grapes established by Bruce's forefathers Edward, Dan and Murray Tyrrell one of the driving forces of Tyrrells success. Regardless Bruce and Chris continue to push the quality envelope through strategic leadership and a firm focus on the future.

"It's a very humbling experience to be able to go to work every day and work with vineyards that were planted by my grandfather, my great grandfather and my great, great grandfather. And while the Hunter Valley was Australia's first grape growing region it is still a progressive wine region. No one rests on their laurels here, and at Tyrrell's we are very much a part of that." CHRIS TYRREL

Bruce Tyrrell's has overseen several vineyard expansions which includes interstate production in Victoria which he sees as strategically important for the future of Tyrrells. Perhaps one of his boldest moves though was to jettison the enormously successful but quantity focused Long Flat brand to enable the team at Tyrrells to shift focus back onto the quality single-vineyard, sacred site and winemaker's selection wines. Today, Andrew Spinaze, Mark Richardson and Chris Tyrrell make up the Tyrrell's winemaking team ensuring that this new direction embodies Tyrrell's obsession with quality.

We've been there, we've done that and we've got that right… What's the next thing? How can we improve that?" Bruce Tyrrell

The cumulative result in recent years has been a string of some of the best releases from Tyrrells in its long history. These are wines that are beautifully focused and with a lovely freshness and vibrancy. They are finely structured and softly fruited with wonderful depth that makes them immediately appealing but with the ability to age gracefully. The latest release semillons are stunning examples from a uniquely Australian take on this varietal. There are very few, if any peers from the Hunter, or Australia for that matter, that are putting out wines of this consistent quality across such a broad range. There is no doubt Tyrrell's is in very, very good hands.