Unico Zelo CRU New Releases 2018

Brendan and Lucy Carter started Unico Zelo in the Adelaide Hills when they were just 20 and 19. Jump 8 years forward to today and they have established a very successful little business, not only producing very exciting wines from varieties such as Fiano and Nero d’Avola but also Gin (Applewood) and Perfume. While the entry level range is a big favourite at PWS, we all look forward to their annual CRU release of single vineyard Fiano and Nero d’Avola. The three Fiano’s are sourced from very different growing conditions in Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley and Riverland while the Nero d’Avola’s are from Adelaide Hills and Riverland. These are wines of great interest and character; The Carter’s have produced a brilliant set of wines in 2017 – all with a true narrative and sense of place.

The releases are always limited and snapped up by savvy wine buyers in the trade – they pair perfectly with food and a hot item on hip wine lists. As yet there are no reviews but the Carters notes paint a picture of the site chosen.

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