American Spirits Expo 2020

There is no doubt the USA has a long and tumultuous history when it comes to liquor. A closer look at the history of distilled spirits in the US reveal a somewhat complex relationship and one that is now, ultimately, irrevocably intertwined with the sense of freedoms that US citizens hold so dear in their hearts and minds.

Happily, though with Moonshine revolutionaries and prohibition long behind them the American liquor industry is in a modern heyday. With the explosion of the craft drinks industry and the laxing of many state laws regarding production, there has been an injection of innovation and a revitalization of interest in spirits from the USA. From millennials’ broadening drinking habits to the growing popularity in authentically crafted spirits it has been the perfect storm for this once declining category.

While our cocktail and liquor culture are not quite as strong here in Australia, many of the driving forces behind the changes we are seeing in the US are taking place here. That means we are starting to see some real quality, craft spirits enter the market from savvy importers and distributors. From small batch producers like Kings County and Balconnes, to the revitalised Willett Family Distilers and the powerhouse that is Michters we have brought together a selection of some of our favourite, and we think best producers out of the US.

This was a joy to put together and a first for Prince so we hope you enjoy!