Valli 2017 New Releases

Valli is the personal vocation of pioneering winemaker Grant Taylor. Grant's name is synonymous with Otago Pinot Noir. He has been crafting wines there since 1993 when there were only 20 ha planted - today there are over 2000. Grant founded Valli in 1998 with the intention to produce single vineyard Pinot Noirs highlighting the different characteristics of Otago's sub regions. More than 20 years later, Valli is doing just that, producing some of the highest quality single-vineyard pinot noirs in the region from Bannockburn, Bendigo and Waitaki (northern Otago).

From 2015 onwards, established Otago winemaker Jen Parr joined Grant in the winery. An Oregon native and graduate of Stanford University, she has behind her a raft of international winemaking experience including stints in the USA, France, South Africa and Australia. Prior to joining Valli she had already garnered high praise for her winemaking skill and character including numerous trophies, awards and accolades. A finalist for Winemaker of the year in 2019, she was nominated again in 2020 and took home the title as New Zealand winemaker of the year.

Jen has found a new home in Otago where she has committed to making consistent, top quality, site expressive wines. They have earned her, well-deserved, high praise from both the trade, consumers and her peers alike. She is an outspoken voice in the region, an accomplished wine judge, mentor and twice chair of the Central Otago Pinot Celebration. 

For those of you un-familiar with the wines of Valli they represent some of the most exciting bottlings coming out of the region. The wines are structured and expressive in a way that that is uncommon from many but the top producers in the region. They are all wonderfully singular and reflective of their individual sites. There are few producers in the region who have been chasing this idea from inception and even less so who have been able to capture it so eloquently.