Vermouth for Summer 2017

Turin is the home of Vermouth and Turin Vermouth “Drapo” is the last remaining Vermouth producer located within the city itself still producing the traditional liquor.
First produced in 1786 Vermouth is fortified wine flavoured with herbs, flowers, bark, fruits and spices. Initially Vermouth was used medicinally or served as an aperitif, during the 20th Century it exploded in popularity with the advent of the cocktail, with bartenders utilizing it for the basis of what are now the classics: Martini, Manhattan and Negroni.
While most Vermouth is now produced in large facilities Turin Vermouth is still produced in Turin in small quantities. These are delicious aperitifs for the warmer weather!

The classic summer aperitif cocktail.
1 Part Drapo Sweet Vermouth, 1 Part Turin Bitters, dash of Soda.
Stir, serve with ice & orange.