Vietti and Grasso Nebb Offer 2019

Over the last decade or so, Grasso has stepped up quality in a meaningful way. There seems to be no limit where this small family-run estate can go from here. ANTONIO GALLONI

I can’t think of too many estates in Piedmont that have raised the bar higher than Vietti has over the last decade or so. Virtually every wine that emerges from these cellars is outstanding, and many are profound. Winemaker Luca Currado, his brother-in-law Mario Cordero and their staff have taken the early groundbreaking work of Alfredo and Lucia Currado and built upon those successes, reaching an unprecedented level of consistency and quality across their entire range. ANTONIO GALLONI

I think any list of the top producers in Barolo would need to include these two estates. Few producers can lay claim to either the consistency or the sheer quality that both produce across their entire range. This offer highlights their Langhe Nebbiolo both of which can justifiably be called baby Barolo as Grasso’s 2017 comes exclusively from the younger vines in their Gavarini Chiniera Cru while Lucca Currado of Vietti uses 10 Cru (all of which would be the envy of most peoples holdings in the area) to create his Perbacco.

Both wines have garnered serious attention from collectors over the years who know that they can find unparalleled quality at this price point with these two wines. While there does not appear to be any press as yet for these new releases there can be no safer bet in the world of wine that the reviews will come and will be glowing. For now Michael and I have included our thoughts on the wines.