Vieux Telegraphe 2015 Release

The Brunier family continues to turn out a beautiful array of wines, ranging from its value-priced Le Pigoulet, to their top-of-the-line, world-class Vieux Telegraphe Chateauneuf du Pape. ROBERT PARKER

There are striking wines to be had at every price point in 2015, including numerous basic bottlings that deliver exceptional value. The best examples show serious depth along with very good definition and back-end vivacity, and little in the way of cooked-fruit character. At their best – and there are many high points in 2015 – the wines exhibit the classic richness of the region allied to freshness, which will make them appealing to a wide range of Châteauneuf lovers, from those with cool, deep cellars who can be patient to readers with itchy corkscrews and/or a lack of long-term storage options. JOSH RAYNOLDS

Here it is, the long awaited 2015 Telegraphe. There has not been a vintage like this in the South since 2010 and you probably had to go back to 2005 or 1998 to see wines of this quality across the region. From what we have seen from the region so far, there is a lot to love in 2015. There is an abundance of fruit, richness and power but none of the overripe notes that were seen in warmer vintages like 2009 or 2003. Instead they have good acidity and positive freshness which marries up wonderfully with the ripe fruit. In short it looks like if you are a fan of CNDP then 2015 should be all go.

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