Vilmart and Pierre Peters Offer 2018

Proprietor Laurent Champs makes some of the most elegant, refined wines in Champagne. All of the wines are aged in oak ranging from large, neutral casks to small barriques, some of which are new for the top selections. Few producers have been able to find such impeccable balance using oak. A hint of Ramonet here, a suggestion of Leflaive there….simply put, these are majestic wines that no one who loves fine Champagne will want to be without. ANTONIO GALLONI

Vilmart is among my favorite houses that have mastered the difficult challenge of delivering an elegant and full-flavored Champagne with finesse. If you don’t know the house, do yourself a favor and give one of the cuvées a try, you’ll thank me for the suggestion. BURGHOUND

The Pierre Péters Champagnes stand out for their crystalline precision, energy and nuance, which makes the, reference-points for what Chardonnay is all about in the Côtes des Blancs and Mesnil in particular for the Chétillons. When I want to drink brilliant, pure Blanc des Blancs, I often reach for the wines of this small, family-owned estate. ANTONIO GALLONI

Very few champagnes more eloquently articulate their terroirs than those of Pierre Peters. On my first encounter with the young Rodolphe Peters, three hours of exploring the fruits of three decades left me mesmerised by the remarkable capacity of the chardonnay vine to extract the salty minerality of the Cotes de Blancs’ finest grand crus and preserve it in its wines for time eternal. I left with the realisation of another dimension to champagne, one in which minerality assumes a personality all of its own. TYSON STELZER, The Champagne Guide

The Champagne Dynamic Duo of Laurent Champs (Vilmart) and Rodolphe Peters (Pierre Peters) have gained a loyal following both here in Oz and on the world stage for their brilliant Grower Champagnes. Earlier this year we were fortunate to have them both on home soil for their first trip Down Under. While the quality of the wine in the bottle has always been enough to convince people having them both on hand to talk everyone through the how and why really brings home the message. These two are among the greatest producers of their styles in Champagne and heroes of the Grower Movement.

We have just received our first allocation of both for the year and anyone who has followed them closely will know stocks don’t last long. We are offering them at a fantastic “Back In Stock” discount for the next week to all of our top Champagne customers. It’s a great time to stock up on these new releases and put them aside (or drink them if you are like me and happy to go hard on bubbles all year round) until the season kicks off. That extra little bit of time to rest will only improve the wines.

For those not familiar with the two houses their styles are quite different. Pierre Peters crafts wines of drive, minerality and precision. Chardonnay is the cornerstone of his domaine and he is one of the top two or three Growers who specialise in Blanc de Blancs, his reputation for the style is well deserved, his wines always bursting with energy.

Laurent makes wines that are all about texture and poise. They effortlessly marry richness and energy which usually results in a silken palate feel and a certain buoyancy that is really captivating. I always see a lot of nuance and detail across his wines, but also a real vinous character. Like most of the Growers Vilmart is first and foremost a wine and the bubbles only serve to accentuate the quality of their fruit. These are the epitome of seduction in the pantheon of top Grower Champagne houses.