Wantirna Estate New Releases 2018

[2017] Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have just about every vigneron rubbing their hands with glee. JAMES HALLIDAY

Our Vineyard is a never-ending world of change and enchantment. At times vigor and energy are required, at times patience needed. REG EGAN, Wantirna

The wines of Wantirna Estate reflect the calm certainty and humble personalities of Reg and Maryann Egan. They are always self-effacing about their achievements and while the wines have never achieved the same extravagant accolades from the press as their neighbours and friends at Mount Mary, the quality difference is marginal and the prices have remained remarkably good. These are beautiful expressions of Yarra Chardonnay, Pinot and Cabernet which speak of a sense of place, quiet certainty and luckily for the Egans, family commitment.

The estate – which then sat on the outer fringe farmlands of Melbourne – now sits like an oasis in the middle of full blown suburbia. It’s a special place, made more so by the Egans themselves; a wonderfully generous and talented family. At the time of its inception, founder Reg Egan was juggling (and fleeing) a law practice and joined a group of similarly talented vignerons who came to define the modern renaissance of the Yarra Valley – think Bailey Carrodus, John Middleton and James Halliday. Today, they all stand as icons of the region and importantly, each one continues to turn out superb wines the equal of any of the more recent arrivals in the Valley: an indication of the quality of the sites but also the vision and talent of the winemakers themselves. Speaking of winemaking, today Wantirna is a father-daughter operation with the talented Maryann tweaking and improving each year without tearing down the walls of such a loved style.

I’ve always been a big fan of these wines and I respect that even in an industry influenced by many trends and cycles, Reg and Maryann continue to defy them, sticking true to their game and philosophy, solely dictated by the season and the vines. I suspect this kind of patience and perseverance is the reason for their success and the consistently impeccable quality we continue to see each year. Wantirna has long been one of the great wineries continuously setting the bar high for premium wine in the Yarra Valley.