Warramate Tasting Offer 2018


A long-established and perfectly situated winery reaping the full benefits of its 47-year-old vines; recent plantings have increased production. All the wines are well made, the Shiraz providing further proof (if such be needed) of the suitability of the variety to the region. In 2011 Warramate was purchased by the partnership that owns the adjoining Yarra Yering. JAMES HALLIDAY’S WINE COMPANION

Warramate has been around for a long time, it is perfectly situated on the Maddens lane, and Briarty Rd T-junction. Why is that relevant, that is directly across the road and slightly below Yarra Yering in what is some of the very best dirt in the Valley. Mature 40+ year old vines, great location and in since 2013 the wines have been made by Sarah Crowe the 2017 James Halliday’s Wine Companion Winemaker of the Year and chief winemaker at Yarra Yering. It’s a recipe for success if I have ever heard one and the results are clear, these releases are fantastic and beyond the sheer quality of them the value is terrific. ROSCOE