Weinbach and Bondar - New Waves and Traditions

All icons were once trailblazers. The New Wave becomes the established tradition. Domaine Weinbach pioneered bio-dynamics in Alsace and are one of the top producers of the region so when the new releases arrived this week we couldn’t resist putting a selection on tasting.

There is absolutely no doubt that the wines of Domaine Weinbach deserve the praise they regularly receive from all and sundry. They have very few rivals in Alsace when it comes to their Riesling and Gewurtz offerings and the Pinot Blanc Reserve is a staple here at PWS. These are wines built in the vineyard and then carefully nurtured to their fullest potential in the cellars. I can think of few Rieslings outside of Germany I would rather drink more than one made here.

On the other side of the coin I’m often asked about what’s new and good in Australian wine. These days the answers come more easily than they once did. There’s undoubtedly a movement of (usually) younger producers putting a new narrative around traditional producing areas and redefining the existing styles. They’re changing the paradigm and it’s bloody exciting.

Bondar are one of the best examples I have seen in recent times. Beautifully expressive, pure with medium weight styling but holding excellent vineyard and variety derived intensity.

So, this tasting brings together unlikely partners, but brilliant wines. We hope you enjoy