When the Boat Comes In - Italian Container Tasting

For a wine merchant there's a certain giddy excitement to opening a new container of wine (sad I know). Our geographical position on the planet means that the lead times between shipping from Europe and opening a container can take up to three months by the time the wine is ordered, collected and then shipped. The wines you tasted in March/April are often distant memories until you get that first glimpse of them on opening those big steel doors!

Of course then its the nerve racking moments before you crack the bottles and see if the impressions you formed all those months ago hold true without the mind-altering distractions of the French cellar you were stading in at the time or a Bistecca Fiorentina you were eating when the wine initially struck you as so profound!

So this weekend's tasting and offer is your turn to validate our opinion because, as one Italian producer once indelicately told me: "a wine isn't sold until it's pissed out!" In other words you are the final arbiter of quality. Having said that, we're fairly certain we've packed in a superb and eclectic lineup for this offer and tasting. Some have been offered already in the run-up to the container but this list is the whole shooting match.

We've got a new supply of new vintage releases from Tenuta Aglaea (Etna) including a fantatsic new textural Rosato for the first time. As many of you would have bumped into Anne-Louise when she was here in February yu will know the incredible passion with which she pursues her craft. The wines speak volumes of it and the new releases are continue a quality drive upward.

From Tuscany, two of the bona fide great producers in Querciabella and Petrolo whose latest releases - all 2016s - are as good as we've seen from them. Further afield on the coast is the welcome return of Duemani's biodynamic Cab Franc, Cifra...what a wine!

Other staples greats with new arrivals include Matteo Correggia, Fontaleoni and the wonderful Valtellina 2015 from Dirupi. These boys are taking the world by storm, as is their region, and we think the 2015 Valtellina is one of their best efforts yet.

In all a dozen new arrivals for you to digest at great pricing. Enjoy!