William Fevre 2017 Chablis Release

The end result of ‘the Chablis difference’, for the drinker, is that there is a greater level of consistency within Chablis than elsewhere in Burgundy. Every level of Chablis offers fine-value terroir wine, mouthwatering and unique, with a little canny buying; even Petit Chablis can be memorable in a way that its Côte d’Or equivalent, the Hautes Côtes, struggles to match. ANDREW JEFFORD, Decanter Magazine

“As to the style of the 2017s, I would describe them as super-pure and concentrated, indeed they could be thought of as being like 2014…. Moreover I think that they will age extremely well.” BURGHOUND

As I wrote last year, fresh, tensile wines that are classical in style have been the watchword at the 78-hectare Domaine William Fèvre for more than a decade. The 2017s, revisited from bottle, go from strength to strength, and several showed so well that I was compelled to revise upward the scores that I published at the beginning of this year. WILLIAM KELLEY, The Wine Advocate

Personally, I would go back and take a serious look at any 2017s you can find on retail shelves and wine lists. 2017 is exceptional as I noted in my tasting report last year. They have serious Chablis character with a sturdy backbone of acidity, concentration, weight and ripeness. It was a great vintage for so many producers right across the scale of classification. NICK STOCK, jamessuckling.com

2017 Chablis has come as something of a surprise to me, and I assume a few other people around the traps. I say that because the vintage had more than its share of challenges but the wines are super. This is a year that holds plenty of classic Chablis character for those who love focused, salty, mineral laden wines, but there is also an extra layer of fat to the best examples.

A little like their Cote de Beaune cousins there are a number of comparisons to be drawn between the 17s and their illustrious 14 counterparts. Like 2014 they are precise and energetic but, for me, that degree more power to the fruit makes them more interesting a touch younger. Certainly this is the most compelling vintage in the last few years and if you exclude the 2014s then you would need to look back to 2010 to find so many wines of this calibre. Wines that should have a long and glorious life ahead of them if that is your bent.

With all that being said I think it is fair to say that Fevre has, once again, completely nailed the vintage and, from what I have seen, is one of the highlight producers this year.