Yabby Lake Block Wines 2018 Offer

The arrival of the hugely talented Tom Carson as Group Winemaker has added lustre to the winery and its wines, making the first Jimmy Watson Trophy-winning Pinot Noir in 2014, and continuing to blitz the Australian wine show circuit with Single Block Pinots. JAMES HALLIDAY

The Yabby Lake Block releases are usually money in the bank in quality terms. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

Winemaker Tom Carson is one of this country’s most gifted wine people and his slew of awards and trophies is too large to keep track of these days. If there is a gong you can get in the industry that’s applicable to the man then he has taken it out at some point. Along with his own winery, Serrat, Tom also makes the wines for Yabby Lake and Heathcote estate. He also imports some great wines as a side venture, you know, because of all the free time he must have after all that……

Anyway, the point to make here is that the wines at Yabby Lake, under his watchful eye, continue to shine as leading lights for the variety here. Tom is an old hand at this top end Pinot game and has been crafting some of the best we have to offer for many years which shows in the wines. They are gloriously fruited with a glossy sheen and silken textures with alluring aromatics and plenty of energy, equal parts vineyard material and a master craftsman at work have yielded a tremendous duo of Mornington Pinots.

When I asked the man what he had to say about the wines this year and his thoughts on the vintage input in to the 18 single site wines this is what he sent through, I think that about covers it “The 2018 vintage at Yabby Lake has all the markers of a great year, the Pinot Noirs are supremely balanced with the silkiest of tannins, the bouquet laden with red fruits, spice and that all important floral edge, think rose petals and violets. Some of the most complete Pinot Noir we have produced.” Big call from the great man

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