Yarra Yering 2016 New Release

It has been just over 10 years since the pioneer and founder of Yarra Yering Dr. Bailey Carrodus passed away. As James Halliday wrote ‘Carrodus’s clear wish and expectation that any purchaser would continue to manage the vineyard and winery, and hence the wine style with the explicit wish that the new owners would continue the vineyard and winery in much the same way as he did over the past 40 years’.

What is heartening for us as avid fans of these iconic wines is to see this wish fulfilled and his legacy as strong as ever. Winemaker Sarah Crowe, who joined the team in 2013 has consistently crafted outstanding wines with the utmost respect with the raw material and history of this estate

‘”For my first vintage in 2014 I stuck to the way things had always been done at Yarra Yering,” says Crowe. “Then in 2015 – a great vintage – I felt a little more confident to do things a bit more my way: bottling the reds earlier, for example, to retain freshness. And in 2016 I started experimenting with techniques like whole bunch fermentation and carbonic maceration in reds….” AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW

With Sarah’s Midas touch the 2016 reds will show some lovely fresh fruit in their youth but, as is expected from this estate, will certainly reward well with time in your cellar. As always, a must buy.