Yarra Yering 2017 Release


The Yarra Valley arguably had the best vintage since 1992, and before that ’88. It was marked by good rainfall and cool to mild temperatures that continued into summer. All varieties came in later than any vintage since 2002 and at an unhurried pace. JAMES HALLIDAY’S WINE COMPANION


Sarah Crowe was appointed winemaker after the ’13 vintage. She has made red wines of the highest imaginable quality right from her first vintage in ’14, and to the delight of many, myself included, has offered all the wines with screwcaps. For good measure, she introduced the ’14 Light Dry Red Pinot Shiraz as a foretaste of that vintage, and an affirmation of the exceptional talent recognised by her being named Winemaker of the Year in the Wine Companion JAMES HALLIDAY

Yarra Yering, one of the Yarra Valley’s most iconic estates, has been producing fine and some times brilliant wines for decades now, recent years has seen the quality here grow in stunning fashion and the consistency with which Sarah Crowe and her team produce wines in the very top echelon across their reds is nothing short of remarkable. Her constant successes have seen her named as Wine Maker of the Year by the James Halliday’s Wine Companion as well as a slew of other awards and universal praise, all justified in my mind.

With all that being said for me this is the vintage I have been waiting for from Sarah. I was lucky enough to try these a couple of times in barrel with her over their growth and right from their infancy you could see the potential for brilliance. 2017 was one of those vintages in the Valley where everyone who can make good wine made great wine and people like Sarah coaxed extraordinary results from her incredibly special parcels of vineyards.

These wines stand out for their sophistication and poise. They are, very much in the fashion of this hallowed estate, in the elegantly sleek and medium bodied end of the spectrum but the core of fruit has all the requisite stuffing to see these wines develop and mature gracefully over a long time. Their engaging and youthfully buoyant personalities (at least that was how they tasted last time I had a look) belies their inherent ability to grow in stature and presence with adequate time in the cellar. The overall sense you get from this vintage is one of harmony.

If this is the greatest release ever from Yarra Yering then Sarah can hang up her boots and hat now and retire with her head held high, though I doubt that and I get the feeling she wont rest until she has achieved perfection, the sign of a great vigneron.

After all that gushing praise please see below the three wines we have on offer from Yarra Yering for you. Please note there is very little of these to go around and with all the hype surrounding them we expect them to sell out in moments so do not hesitate to place your order if you would like to secure some of what we expect to become legendary Victorian wines in the years to come.