Yering Station Reserve and Mt Langi Ghiran Tasting 2019

Wine has always played a special part in the Rathbone family whether it at the family table or on special occasions. Although contemplating the idea of becoming wine producers it wasn’t until 1995 that they put their dream into reality with the purchase of a vegetable farm in the Yarra Valley that soon became the Laura Barnes Vineyard. With the family’s background in agriculture and manufacturing and their passion for the wine industry it wasn’t long before they expanded their interests and purchased Yering Station in 1996. This natural progression, coupled with a combination of family talents, allowed them to develop a business around quality wine. From here they were able to expand their vineyards, construct a state-of-the-art winery and create a tourist destination.

In 2002 the Rathbone family decided to expand the family business and began to look for wineries that would complement Yering Station in exceptional quality yet differ in style. Later that year they purchased Mount Langi Ghiran in the Grampians, invested in new winemaking facilities and hired a new Chief Winemaker. Mount Langi Ghiran is renowned for its exceptional and distinctive cool climate Shiraz, as well as producing excellent Cabernet, Riesling and Pinot Gris.

This tasting encompasses some of the latest release wines from Mt Langi as well as a stunning set of wines from the lauded Yering Station Reserve selection. A recent junket to the Yering Station vineyards demonstrated the top-down approach to quality throughout the whole operation. At every level of production, the greatest care has been taken to grow and craft some of Australia’s finest and most recognizable wines. While the group may feel like a juggernaut from the outside, from the inside it very much still feels like a family affair and that is perhaps one of its greatest points of difference and something to reflect upon.