Zind Humbrecht Pinot Blanc 2016

Here it is again. Olivier Zind-Humbrecht’s 2016 Pinot Blanc offer. Why you ask? Because we love it and so should everyone else.

Zind-Humbrecht is arguably the greatest domaine in Alsace and Oliver one of the great winemakers of the region, certainly both are among the top handful of producers for aromatic white wines anywhere on earth. His devotion to his chosen field is nothing short of fanatical, he was (I believe) the first Frenchman to receive the qualification of Master of Wine (MW) and one of the leading proponents for biodynamics in his region, which is now widely practiced. His wines are as uncompromising as his views and always full of character. This really is one of the world’s great domaines and while his top wines are gobbled up by eager collectors the world over his entry level wines are often spectacular value, this is one such example.

This incarnation of Olivier’s Blanc is thoroughly delicious and completely convincing. Honestly this is a no brainer, I promise you will love it, if you like wine it is pretty hard not to find this utterly delicious. Every year we have offered this people have come back again and again to top up on this wine until it sells out at the distributor, it really is that good and we think one of the best value textural whites going around.


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