Riesling The Masters of Sugar 6pack

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I think that Riesling is indisputably the greatest white wine grape in the world but many people think I am mad. Riesling has its own very distinctive character which varies immensely and excitingly according to exactly where it is grown. Riesling responds rather badly to winemaking tricks. It is happiest when it is just fermented as simply as possible and the pure fermented juice bottled with minimal resort to oak, malolactic fermentation, less stirring and so on.   To me Riesling is great not just because it, like Pinot Noir for example, is so exceptionally good at expressing terroir, but also because it makes white wines that are so good at ageing. JANCIS ROBINSON
Let's get one thing straight, sugar in Riesling is not the enemy, bad winemaking is! Sugar is what gives great Riesling that moreish finish. This pack will re-install your faith in the variety and show you the power of residual sugar in the wine, with a few super dry options show the varience. When handled with absolute care, residual sugar can elevate the texture of the wine, leaving you with one of the purest expressions of any variety on the planet. The Mosel is host to the Kings of sugar. Wehlener Sonnenuhr is the Grand Cru of riesling vineyards, with only a few producers allowed access.  The lose Ernie from Dr Loosen works his magic in this 2015 vintage of the century wine. PJ of Charteris talks of the hectic acidity he must work with in Central Otago, a little sugar goes a long way in giving him overall balance. Crawford River, Brundlemayer and Trimbach are your 15 minute intermission from sugar. To finish off, it goes without introduction that Keller defies all vintages, his array of Rieslings from the Rheinhessen have a swooning effect over it's audience.