The Hills Are Alive With Chardonnay 2017

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

This pack was inspired by the mighty Shaw and Smith M3 Chardonnay 2015 that was only released just a few weeks ago, it blew us away. Following the tasting, to our complete surprise, we have noticed several wines from the hills jumping across our tasting bench and of the bunch, Chardonnay has cleaned up. Brendan from BK Wines hosted a little supper in the Sydney store, and of the white varieties he is working with, Chardonnay was given serious attention. Unico Zelo Harvest are running co-op with growers in the hills, and splitting the profits evenly to keep the project 100% sustainable. We've kept an eye on Murdoch Hill for a little while now, and each release has knocked the last out of the park. Taras of Ochota Barrels makes a crushable entry level Chardonnay, a great introduction to his wild yet focused project. And to finish off with the legends at Pike & Joyce would be rude not to include. Let the hills speak for themselves.