You say Shiraz, I say Syrah 6pack 2017

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  • South Melbourne
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This pack explores why Australian (and one sneaky Kiwi) producers have labelled their vino baby Syrah or Shiraz. This is not just a marketing gimmic. Normally cool climate leans towards Syrah, warmer climates Shiraz, however this isn't always the case... but we've become accustomed to winemakers using the terminology to indicate one of the two styles: your traditional bigger Aussie wine or a more savoury, elegant cool climate expression. Syrah does not have to mean lean and green, neither does Shiraz ripe and rich. We are fortunate to have such thoughtful winemakers here who strive for balance and elegance when working with the extreme elements they have to contend with. These 6 winemakers are at the top of their game, each release are purist examples of their sites and climates. On the Syrah team we introduce Murdoch Hills The Landau Adelaide Hills Syrah 2016, winning wine from the 2017 Young Guns of Wine, Fromm La Strada Syrah 2014 from Marlborough proves Sav Blanc may have had its heyday in the region and Jamsheed Pyrenees Syrah 2015, a wine for the cellar. On the Shiraz team, a brit into jewels turned master of the Barossa region, Michael Hall Shiraz 2015, Luke  Lambert from the Yarra proves you can work in a cool climate and still make a Shiraz and finally Spinifex Bete Noir 2014 representing the "new Barossa". PWS