Barcelona and Surrounds

Restaurant Calperedelmaset

Approximately 45 minutes drive from Barcelona this restaurant is a great day trip in the country side. Based in the heart of Cava country the small town of St. Pau d’iOrdal it would be hard to accidentally find this great unassuming restaurant.

We had some fantastic food for lunch. Some little snails cooked on a rustic steel try with garlic and pork fat were a delicious nibble, there was some amazingly fresh and tender squid, and for main course some very well prepared comfit duck with peaches, and some roast pork ribs that had amazing flavour. The food was uncomplicated in preparation but perfectly cooked and well presented.

The wine list was extensive and good value, we drank thirty year old Rioja for forty Euro.

Located in a beautiful village amongst lovely countryside this would make a great day out when staying in Barcelona. If you do go for lunch a greet add-on would be a visit to a top boutique Cava house Ricerado, who’s wines challenge any preconceptions that one may have that Cava is no more than a relatively bland inexpensive sparkling wine.

Restaurant Calperedelmaset
Ponent 20
St Pau d’Ordal
Ph: 93 89930 28

Restaurant Passadis Del Pep

This is a classic restaurant no menu, compulsory Cava, and the food is fantastic, very simple in presentation but great flavours. This is primarily a seafood restaurant but there are some meat dishes available, some of the highlights where sea snails, some really good Calamari

Restaurant Passadis Del Pep
Placa Palau 2
08003 Barcelona

Also worth a try is the their famous Tapa’s bar Cal Pep, we did’t get a chance to get there this trip but everyone tells me it is one of the best for classic Catalonian Tapas.

Cal Pep

Plaça Olles, 8 08003 Barcelona, Spain
933 10 79 61
[email protected]

La Vinya del Senyor

A great little wine bar with a fantastic range of wines and great plates of jamon oysters and other delicious Tapa’s. They pack them in so even if it looks busy it is writhe fighting for a corner of a table.

La Vinya del Senyor

Santa Maria, 5, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
+34 933103379 +34 933103379