Festa del Barolo 2017

Festa Del Barolo 2017 July 31st- August 6th 2017

Festa del Barolo is a seven day event hosted by a collective of Australia’s most important importers of Italian wine. Over the course of five dinners we will highlight each of the most significant communes of this unique region. Starting on a Monday with La Morra and culminating with Serralunga on Friday, each night a restaurant will be cooking traditional fare of the region matched to a bracket of wines from the relevant commune.

Each dinner will begin with a bracket of either Rosato, Barbera and Nebbiolo from Piedmont before we head into two brackets of three Barolos. The first bracket of three will showcase current vintages, in particular the 2013 vintage which has been heralded as one of the great vintages in the last thirty years. The second bracket of three Barolos will feature older vintages from many iconic producers.

The Festa will feature a who’s-who of producers including Altare, Scavino, Mascarello, Fantino, Manzone, Veglio, Vajra and too many more to mention. Bookings are being taken per night direct with each restaurant.

You can view the full list of wines by themed commune via the link below. Bookings are taken at each individual venue.

Day One La Morra in Focus Scopri

SOLD OUT Monday night is La Morra night. This is the largest commune in the area and thanks to the dominance of the Tortonian soils it produces wines that are the most perfumed and feminine of all the Barolo communes. Its most esteemed vineyards include Rocche dell'Annunziata, Brunate, La Serra and Arborina and it plays host to some of Barolo's greatest producers. Monday is a celebration of these wines and an unmissable opportunity to experience the wines with complimentary food surrounded by a room full of like-minded Nebb-nuts!

In attendance will be Nicola Oberto from Tridiberri in La Morra who will add his insights on the commune with wines featured from other wineries.

Monday 31st July 6pm: $210 SOLD OUT

The Wines
Trediberri Rosato 2016
Trediberri Barbera d'Alba 2016
Trediberri Nebbiolo d'Alba 2016

Trediberri Barolo DOCG 2013
Elio Altare Barolo DOCG 2013
Mauro Veglio Barolo DOCG 2013

Renato Ratti Rocche del Annunziata Barolo 2007
Mauro Molino Bricco Luciani Barolo 2010
Elio Altare Arborina Barolo 2011

Please call Scopri on (03) 9347 8252, email [email protected]


Day Two Barolo in Focus at Bellota Wine Bar

Tuesday night is all about Barolo. As with its neighbour La Morra, the dominant soil types here are from the Tortonian era and contain a high percentage of limestone and marl giving them their distinctive freshness and perfume. However, the wines from the commune of Barolo tend to be more structured and dense, a captivating blend of elegance and power. The most renowned vineyards here (there are many) include Brunate, Cerequio and the hallowed Cannubi. Barolo is the heart of the region and houses some of the most famous names in Italian wine. This dinner, like all of the communal dinners for Festa Dal Barolo should not be missed.

Tuesday 1st August 6pm - $210

Wagyu bresaola, parmesan cream, cauliflower, crisp shallots
E. Pira Barbera d'Alba 2015
Fratelli Barale Langhe Nebbiolo 2015

Nebbiolo risotto with giuancale & Australian black truffles
Diego e Damiano Barale Barolo 2012
Brezza Barolo 2012
GD Vajra Barolo Albe 2013

Twice roasted Aylesbury duck, braised pearl barley & fontina, Madeira jus
Francesco Rinaldi Barolo Cannubi 2013
Luigi Einaudi Barolo Terlo 2013
GD Vajra Barolo Bricco dell Viole 2009

Please call the store on 03 9686 3033 or book online here.

Day Three Castiglione Falletto in Focus at Sosta Cucina

Castiglione Wednesday. Castiglione Falletto is the perfect midway event as the area represents the transition between the communes of La Morra and Barolo and those of Serralunga and Monforte d'Alba. The wines from this relatively small sub region tend to marry the elegance of those with the Tortonian soils from the West and the Helvetian dirt to the East. There are many excellent producers here and a number of super vineyards, including Rocche di Castiglione, the legendary Monprivato, Briccho Boschis and many others. Need a hump day Barolo fix? This is the place to be on Wednesday 2nd of August.

Wendesday 2nd August 6pm - $220

The Wines
Tenuta Montanello Nebbiolo 2015
Vietti Barbera d’Alba Scarrone 2013

Vietti Castlglione Barolo 2013
Azelia Barolo 2013
Tenuta Montanello Barolo 2012

Cascina Fontana Due Bicchieri Barolo 2011
Cascina Fontana Tre Bicchieri Barolo 2012
Paolo Scavino Barolo Bric del Fiasc Barolo 2012

Sosta Cucina Restaurant, 12 Errol St North Melbourne. Please call Sosta Cucina on 03 9329 2882 or via email  [email protected]

Day Five Serralunga in Focus at Bellota Wine Bar

's serious Serralunga for Friday night. Here you really start to see the influence of the Helvetian era soils with their higher presence of sandstone and lower fertility. The wines from Serralunga are renowned for their age worthiness and compact, densely fruited nature. Peppered with vineyards like Vigna Rionda, Falletto, Francia and Lazzarito; all of which should be familiar to lovers of Barolo.

It is also home to producers of note such as Pira Luigi and Massolino while many of the regions' legends source some of their greatest wines from here: Giacomo Conterno, Bruno Giacosa, Gaja and Vietti among others. Serralunga is a region for those who truly love to see Nebbiolo at its most majestic and expressive.

Friday 4th August 6pm - $210

The Wines
Massolino Langhe Nebbiolo Doc 2015
Bruno Giacosa Barbera d’Alba 2014

Guido Porro Barolo Gianetto 2013
Luigi Pira Barolo Serralunga 2012
Ferdinando Principiano Barolo Serralunga

Luigi Baudana Barolo Baudana 2010
Luigi Pira Barolo 'Marenca' 2012
Massolino Barolo Vigna Rionda 2011

Places are limited to 40 customers only. Please call the store on 03 9686 3033 or book online here.

Massolino Masterclass

SOLD OUT  The Massolino family has deep roots in the Langhe. Great-grandfather Giovanni Massolino founded the winery in 1896 and was the first to bring electricity and a steam-operated machine for harvesting grain to Serralunga d’Alba. Grandfather Giuseppe was one of the founders of the local winegrowers’ consortium in 1934 and father Giovanni bought the first single vineyard, Parafada. Today, the estate is run by siblings Franco, Roberto and Paola. ANTONIO GALLONI

We are delighted to welcome Giovanni Angeli back to PWS for one of our favourite masterclasses. Massolino is one of the great producers of Serralunga and this masterclass will feature a full set of the quite brilliant 2013 Baroli (we just tasted through this lineup and they’re as good as any from the vintage) alongside the highly anticipated Massolino Barolo Vigna Rionda 2010.

Massolino Masterclass  Wednesday 2nd August 2017 -  SOLD OUT

Massolino Dolcetto D’Alba DOC 2016
Massolino Barbera D’Alba DOC 2016
Massolino Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2015

Seared calves liver, Marsala braised shallots & spaetzle, truffles
Massolino Barolo Margheria 2013
Massolino Barolo Parafada 2013

Aylesbury duck neck sausage, porcini & buckwheat polenta, Nebbiolo jus
Massolino Barolo Vigna Rionda 2010
Massolino Barolo Parussi 2013
Massolino Barolo DOCG 2013

Massolino Moscato D’Asti DOC 2016


Day Four Monforte d'Alba in Focus at Grossi Florentino

Monforte on a Thursday. I think Burton Anderson in his Wine Atlas of Italy summed it up well when he wrote "Wines of potent structure and uncommon depth of flavor". These long lived, powerful and intense wines offer a unique expression of the region. The most southern of the five communes and nestled between Barolo to the NW, Castiglione in the immediate North and Serralunga to the NE Monforte is home to such icons of Italian wine as Giacomo Conterno, Domenico Clerico, Manzone and many more.

Thursday 3rd August 6pm - $250

The Wines
Benevello Langhe Nebbiolo 2015
Domenico Clerico Barbera Trevigne 2013

Elio Grasso Casa Mate Barolo 2011
Bricco Giubellini Barolo 2013
Gianfranco Alessandria Barolo 2013

A&G Fantino Barolo 'Cascina Dardi' Riserva 2006
Rocche dei Manzoni Barbera Big d’ Big Barolo 2010
Aldo Conterno Colonello Barolo 2012

Grossi Florentino,  80 Bourke Street Melbourne. To book please call the Grossi Florentino on 03 9662 1811 or via email [email protected] 

Day Six General Communes Regional Dinner at La Bonta

This lunch will feature some of the greatest hits of Barolo. Think Varja, Poderi Colla, Pio Cesare, Brovia, Guido Porro and Paolo Scavino.

Sunday  6th August 12pm - $220

The Wines
Luigi Einaudi Dolcetto di Dogliani 2015
Varja Barbera d’Alba 2015

Poderi Colla Barolo Bussia 2013
Pio Cesare Barolo 2013
Trediberri Barolo 2013

Brovia Villero Barolo 2012
Guido Porro Lazaresco Barolo 2012
Paolo Scavino Monvigleri Barolo 2012

To book, please email or ring La Bonta on 03 5422 3683 the numbers provided above.

Langhe - Super Saturday

Saturday 5th August 12-2pm: $15 refundable on purchase over $100.

What's not to love about Piemonte. The breathtaking scenery, the incredible food, friendly people and most importantly the home of the greatest wines in Italy. What’s more we are living in the greatest epoch in this region's storied history. At no time before have the wines delivered so much pleasure, value and excitement.

Of course in the hierarchy of Piemonte there's little doubt that the undisputed heavyweight champion is Barolo and to a lesser degree Barbaresco. But, there's more in them there hills than the double-B communes! As these stars of the region have risen so too have the prices and the scarcity, which in turn has meant that so-called lesser varieties and sub-zones have improved their game in order to catch the priced-out and adventurous consumer. I speak of indigenous varieties like Dolcetto, Barbera, Freisa, Timorasso and more. Moreover, the emergence of quality categories Langhe Rosso, Nebbiolo d'Alba -often from established star producers - has meant that those consumers coming to the "party" for the first time can experience the flavour, aromatic and structural profiles without breaking the credit card.

This Tasting showcases a handful of Baroli and Barbaresci but more than anything it brings to centre stage the "peripheral players" of sub-zone, category and variety that are creating so much excitement for the consumer. In doing this we have assembled some of the greatest names in the world of Piemonte wine.

On Tasting: