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Well, what a time to be alive! Bushfires, floods and now Covid19...biblical stuff. As a business we're busy fulfilling our mission to bring you the great wines of the world but running parallel is the shadow of the virus and all that means for our staff, customers and continued viability. We send love and health to you and your families and hope for a speedy resolution to this surreal epoch.

As you know we are an independent retailer, family owned and committed to our industry and bringing you the diversity of the wine world. We are blessed in this country to have several committed retailers that fit that description. If you have the opportunity please try and support them above a supermarket chain store. They already control 80%+ of the liquor business and if we lose the independents then we'll lose so much of the richness they bring. If not us, then someone like us. Nuff said.

Obviously, while our stores are open (for now) public tastings are cancelled until further notice. This email is to give you the chance to revisit or visit for the first time offers from this week you may have missed. Yarra Yering new releases, Pieropan, Farr Rising Pinot Noir and a fantastic Tuscan offer.

In addition, we are putting together weekly  mixed six packs of wines specifically from our Sydney shelves. We can have these delivered to locals at a drop of hat, ensuring your libations are varied, good and reliably at hand.  If you want us to put something different together, just drop us an email or give us a call.

Finally, time for something a little lighter. Like so many businesses, PWS has sent some of our staff home to "work" from the comfort of their own couch. We've asked them to tell us what they're drinking and send us a review with a selfie. Scroll down to have a look at what Roscoe, David and Kaila's isolation wines. We would love it if you did the same thing and posted a selfie with your wine on instagram with a hastag #pwsisolationwines We'll start to pick a few each week and publish them on this weekly email.

Remember, we deliver anywhere in Australia and delivery is FOC for orders over $250 or for dozen lots of wine. In the coming weeks we plan to do a delivery run to both the Mornington Peninsula and the West Coast as far as Airey's Inlet so if you've escaped to the seaside for the duration then give us a call to arrange delivery.

Take Care & Drink Well

Michael, Alex & the PWS Team

Sydney 02 9663 4665
Melbourne 03 9686 3033