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Correggia Roero Nebbiolo 2018

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    Country: Italy
    Region: Piemonte
    Grape: Nebbiolo
    Size: BTL
    Vintage: 2017

    On of our newest members, Dylan has chosen this for his staff pick for 2021, here's why:

    As the end of another year looms and the festive season seems to have started already, I’ve decided to lighten the load for my family — I’ve told Grandma to ditch the Christmas cake and buy a bottle of this Nebbiolo instead. When a wine bustles with spices & juicy cherries why bother with a cake? More Grandma Dylan time and less time baking I say. Enjoy. DYLAN VAN OIRSCHT, PWS

    If Cru Barolo is Kanye, this wine is Drake. Sure Kanye is a more serious offering and inspires deeper, layered conversations and thought, but really, who do you want to bring to the party when lockdown ends. I'm texting Drake. 

    First little whiff and it's a joy already, it smells like Christmas morning with perfectly ripe cherry, a little spice here, dried herbs there. Take a sip and there's a lovely little hint of sweetness and delicacy amidst a tart , juicy backdrop before a curatin of fine tannin sweeps your palate clean. This is a side of nebbiolo anyone can wrap their laiughing gear around and experience happiness. ALEX DOBSON, PWS

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