San Giusto Rentenano Percarlo Retrospective

$350.00 per person
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6:30 pm Thursday,
December 3, 2020 - December 3, 2020


PWS Bank Street


This complete vertical of San Giusto a Rentennano’s flagship Sangiovese Percarlo left me speechless. Brothers Luca and Francesco Martini di Cigala showed me every vintage of Percarlo, back to the inaugural 1983, a wine that has now run its full course. I was deeply struck by the consistency of the wines from year to year, and even more importantly, by the great showing of a number of wines from long forgotten harvests, proving yet again the importance of choosing producer over vintage. ANTONIO GALLONI, taken from an article he did in 2012 after tasting through an entire vertical of vintages.

As I have written many times over the years, few producers in Tuscany have the ability to capture the essence of Sangiovese with such precision and auntenticity as San Giusto Rentenano. This Gaiole based estate, run by the Luca Martini di Cigala seems to have an uncanny ability to imbue their wines with the smells and feel of all Tuscany such is their transportative effects on the drinker.

The flagship of the estate is the Percarlo and we are delighted and excited to offer this small dinner where we’ll look at every vintage of Percarlo from 2007 thru to 2015. It is a rare opportunity to see a vertical of these wines.

Due to Covid distancing restrictions this dinner is limited to 10 people. If you would like to attend please be quick to respond.

Abrolhos Island Scallop Crudo,
Ruby grapefruit, salmon roe, crème fraiche

Querciabella Batar 2017

Gippsland rabbit ragu, trofie, pecorino romano

Percarlo 2007
Percarlo 2008
Percarlo 2009
Percarlo 2010
Percarlo 2011

Suckling pig from our wood fired oven
Roast fennel, salsa verde
Kipflers in pork fat

Percarlo 2012
Percarlo 2013
Percarlo 2014
Percarlo 2015
Percarlo 2016

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