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Idlewild The Bird 2015

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    Country: USA
    Region: California
    Size: 750ml
    Vintage: 2015
    35% Dolcetto, 35% Barbera, 30% Nebbiolo
    From Fox Hill Vineyard in Mendocino, California. This is a blend of dolcetto, barbera and nebbiolo. Winemaker Sam Bilbro takes his back country vineyard very seriously; the site rich with interesting varieties. Bilbro is a less-is-more winemaker, preferring natural fermentation, low new-no new oak, low input in winery. A producer to keep a beady eye on.

    Peppery spice, clove, black currants, plum jam, Campari, earth. Wonderful perfume. Exotic, but anchoring you into something Italianate. The palate is breezy and crisp, dosed up with cherry-berry crunchiness and another hit of pleasing amaro sour-sweetness. Light powdery tannin sits on chomp of fruit. It’s bloody delicious, intriguing, smashable. MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front 2016
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