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Le Moss Frizzante IGT

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HALF-DOZEN: $114.00 or $19.00 each
DOZEN: $216.00 or $18.00 each
Country: Italy
Region: Friuli
Size: BTL
Vintage: NV
This is slightly cloudy Glera sparkling wine from the Piave region in Italy. Basically it's a Prosecco as it is made from all glera grapes but made in a pet-nat style and unfiltered so cannot legally call itself Prosecco. But honestly why would you care? This is such a fun wine to drink. We all screamed "picnic wine!" when we tried it. Hell yeah!

Wild yeast fermented with natural carbonation from secondary ferment in bottle there is lilting aroma of bread crust, Acacia flowers, apple, lemon & grapefruit pithiness. Extremely fresh with some chalky texture that reminds a bit of great scrumpy cider. Bone dry, totally fresh and totally delicious. Yum!
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