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  1. Lillet Blanc (750ml)
    Lillet Blanc (750ml)
    Made since the 1800s, Lillet (pronounced lee-lay) from the French village of Podensac is a French aperitif traditionally served over ice with a slice of orange. Lillet Blanc is made from white wine and the drier Lillet Rouge is made from red wine, sourced from premier vineyards in Bordeaux. Lillet Blanc is the key ingredient in James Bond's 'the Vesper', the drink created in Ian Fleming's Casino Royale. PWS
  2. Pierre Huet Calvados Fine 2 yrs 40% 350ml
    Pierre Huet Calvados Fine 2 yrs 40% 350ml
    The Huet estate has been producing Calvados on the Cider route in the heart of Normandy for over a century. Plenty of tradition and a focus on the best quality fruit has resulted in award winning and delicious range of calvados, poire and other regional specialities.

    The Huet Calvados AOC Pays d'Auge 'fine' is traditionally double distilled from apples pressed and fermented for 12 months in one-hundred-year-old oak barrels. Woodchips produced entirely on the Estate serves as the combustibles for this process. The result a light, fresh and fruity style Calvados that is perfect for this cooling weather to sip on its own or If you have never tried it, this is the perfect drop for a Calvados and Tonic. Yup, that's right! Calvados and Tonic. If you don't believe us, we even convinced our resident Frenchy over to the dark side. In the words of the great Molly Meldrum. Do yourself a favour! PWS
  3. Charles Oates Pommeau de Tasmanie 18.2%
    Charles Oates Pommeau de Tasmanie 18.2%

    Aged in small apple brandy casks for over 12 months, this rich and generous liqueur is a result of blending pressed French and British heirloom apple varieties with our apple spirit.

    Complex and well-structured with baked apple and spice, balanced with firm tannins and cask influence.

    Our take on the traditional aperitif from North-West France – enjoy as such or serve with blue cheese or dessert. WILLIE SMITH

  4. Monkey Shoulder Whiskey 700ml
    Monkey Shoulder Whiskey 700ml
    The nose is nice and sweet with sherry, not quite ripe plum, cinnamon sprinkled baked pears (pretentious, I know, but I think that describes it better than pear and cinnamon separately), butterscotch, barley and strawberry. There is also a distinctively Bourbon-esque vanilla note. Very pleasant nose, I would rate it highly amongst blends so far as aroma goes. The palate is surprisingly tangy with a heathery/sweet nutty honey sweetness which is paired with tinned fruit, citrus and mint. Towards the end you’ll also notice some oak notes and orange peel which stay in the finish which is medium-long. The nose is more impressive, but the palate has nothing to be ashamed of. I could see this going really well in a Rob Roy, actually.

    A blended Scotch from William Grant, Monkey Shoulder features a proportion of whisky from Kininvie, Balvenie and Glenfiddich. The nose is of medium-body and quite sweet. There are notes of milkshake, spice, a touch of strawberry jam and a little barley sweetness. The palate is of medium-body and quite well-balanced. There are notes of mint and crème anglaise, a distinct fruit salad note with honeyed sweetness. The finish is of medium-length with developing oak.
  5. Starward Whisky - Two Fold (700ml)
    Starward Whisky - Two Fold (700ml)
    Our vision has always been to create a whisky that is not only world class in quality and craftsmanship but accessible to all, regardless of how you choose to enjoy it.
    Two-Fold is our biggest step in that ambitious direction - a double grain whisky that is entirely matured in our signature Australian red wine barrels. A union of Australia's two most quintessential grains; Wheat and Malted Barley, coming together to create a flavor-forward whisky that is filled with rich complexities driven by the power of two grains. Matured in Melbourne's intensely reactive climate, leading to a beautifully balanced and incredibly versatile sipping whisky. The nose is filled with spiced vanilla and fresh tropical fruit. Whilst the palate is flowing with hints of Fuji apples, roasted pineapple, lightly toasted oak, and a soft tannic finish. STARWARD
  6. Charles Oates Tasmanian Apple Brandy 42.1%
    Charles Oates Tasmanian Apple Brandy 42.1%

    Inspired by the tradition of calvados in North-West France, our Apple Brandy shows complexity and character. 

    After patient aging in ex-fortified wine barrels, casks are carefully selected and blended to produce an elegant and outstanding spirit that shows layers of baked apple, sweet caramel and fruit cake aromatics. WILLIE SMITH

    We were really floored by the quality of this product. The Willie Smith crew did a stellar job and that should really be no surprise considering the quality across the board of their ciders. Its all made from local Tassie apples in Australia’s first alembic Charentais copper still.

  7. Rittenhouse 100 Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey (700ml)
    Rittenhouse 100 Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey (700ml)

    Rittenhouse Rye 100 - Aged 4 years

    Now widely accepted as a bench mark American Rye and outstanding its it class. Rittenhouse is much acclaimed and is enjoying a much deserved comeback throughout the USA with plenty of awards and accolades to its name. A beautiful nose, choc-full with baking spices and crushed red pepper. A touch hot but not the least bit unexpected for this 100 proof bottling. The higher alcohol  makes it the perfect candidate shaken into cocktails or poured over ice just to help break down the heat a little. More to the richer and robust side of US Rye the palate has lashings of clovey/vanilla-bean anglaise, gingerbread, citrus peel, cocoa and spicy, woody notes and an almost creamy, rich palate. Basically just just damn good tasty Rye.

    "Rittenhouse continues to hit it out of the park" Chrisopher Null, DRINKHACKERS

  8. Chichibu Ichiro's Malt & Grain Whisky (700ml)
    Chichibu Ichiro's Malt & Grain Whisky (700ml)
    Ichiro Akuto's most voluminous and accessible Whisky is, as it says on the label, a blend of Malt and Grain Whiskies. While the exact source of the material is not published, we know it's a blend of Japanese distilled material vatted with Whiskies sourced from around the world. In addition to Whisky from his own stocks--including, potentially, Hanyu and Karuizawa, as well as his own Chichibu--the blend contains spirits from Canada, the United States, Ireland and Scotland. The imported Whiskeys are 3-5-years-old, aged in their country of origin before being carefully blended with local Japanese material and matured a further 1-3 years at Chichibu. The Whisky is vatted in 2 x 5,000-litre wooden barrels built by French cooper Taransaud. Non-chill filtered, non-coloured.
  9. PWS Negroni at Home
    PWS Negroni at Home
    The Negroni has made its way into the hearts and minds of Australians everywhere and Four Pillars has taken it to the next level with their Negroni Spiced Gin. This is the first Negroni specific gin created on the market and is infused with things like cubeb, ginger, grains of paradise, pepper-berry, lemon myrtle and so much more.

    For the vermouth a little Cocchi Americano Rosa adds a lighter touch and elegant lift to the already punchy gin base and what else but Campari could go in next to round out this perfect pre-dinner drink!

    All packs come with a recipe card. Garnish not included.
    $185.00 Regular Price $207.00
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