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  1. Dasher and Fisher Meadow Gin 700ml
    Dasher and Fisher Meadow Gin 700ml
    Dasher + Fisher are two wild rivers that run from the snowmelt mountains, through the rich hinterland, to the pristine coast of Tasmania’s north-west. From this pure water they copper pot distil botanicals sourced from the many growers who live here.

    15 botanicals showcase the lavender and oranges picked from local gardens and fields. Wild meadow florals like lavender and sage with overtones of freshly picked oranges remind you more of the Amalfi Coast than Bass Strait. The sweet, hot palate gives way to an echo of juniper. Makes a great Negroni and use red grapefruit for your G+T garnish.
  2. Dasher and Fisher Mountain Gin 700ml
    Dasher and Fisher Mountain Gin 700ml

    Trophy/Gold - Best London Dry Style Gin. 2017 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition

    45% ABV. After the more 'modern' Ocean and Meadow gins, Burgess' Mountain gin is his Tassie riff on the classic London Dry. This full bloodied, juniper-bomb takes in 11 botanicals with a starring role given to the native pepperberries harvested from the foothills of the Blue Tier, and herbs found on the way to Cradle Mountain. It's a wildly fragrant shot of alpine freshness, with deep, lingering zingy coriander and earthy liquorice latching expertly onto the musky, piney juniper, and topped off by the zing of the mountain pepper. Perfect for a Martinez or Gin Sour and garnish your G+T with a fresh sprig of lavender. BIBENDUM

  3. Kings County Straight Bourbon 375ml
    Kings County Straight Bourbon 375ml

    Kings County Distillery’s Straight Bourbon is made from New York State 80% organic corn and 20% English malted barley, is twice distilled in copper pot stills and then aged in new charred oak barrels. Rich in caramel, vanilla, and holiday spice, this bottle is cited frequently in lists of best non-Kentucky bourbons. Aged for at least two years, this is a precocious whiskey, surprisingly robust for its age.

    “Crisp Demerara sugar; sumptuous texture, aided by melt-in-the-mouth natural caramels; an excellent outpouring of citrus-tinged vanilla; for a year-old bourbon the sugars have accumulated charmingly (89=excellent).” – Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2013  “Exotic and deep, with flavors of grain, licorice, vanilla and molasses.”  (#2 Craft Bourbon, 3-Stars) — ERIC ASIMOV, New York Times 2014.  “Top Ten Bourbons” —Time Out New York, 2014

  4. Copper Rivet Dockyard Damson Gin 500ml 28% alc
    Copper Rivet Dockyard Damson Gin 500ml 28% alc

    The least expensive of the three Copper Rivet spirits, but my favourite. Damson –an ancient variety of plum – has been grown in this part of Kent since Roman times.The damsons are steeped in gin – itself distilled using the kernels and skins of the fruit – resulting in a spirit with a mellow maroon colour, spicy, oaky warm aromas and a deliciously tangy, rich and not-too-sweet autumnal warmth on the tongue. The kind of gin you can sip at the end of an evening – preferably at the bar. MAX ALLEN

    Ingredients: Damson berries, juniper berries, elderflower, coriander seeds, orange peel, lemon peel, green cardamom, grains of paradise, angelica root and orris root, our own neutral grain spirit, Kentish chalk filtered water and new American oak barrels. 

  5. Adelaide Hills Distillery Gunnery Spiced Rum (700ml)
    Adelaide Hills Distillery Gunnery Spiced Rum (700ml)

    Adelaide Hills Distillery wanted to produce a spiced white spirit that wasn’t driven by vanilla and sweetness, eschewing artificial flavours and aromatics in favour of natural ingredients with a mature approach. An expression of Australia, the Gunnery Australian Spiced uses pot distilled distillates from both sugar cane and molasses, and blends Australian native ingredients with traditional spices.

    A superb combination of Australian native and traditional botanicals. Cinnamon myrtle shines through on the nose with hints of chocolate, vanilla and citrus. The palate is savoury and refined with a lingering hazelnut finish. Slightly sweetened with bush honey and Australian demerara sugar.

    Citrus | Riverland orange and lemon aspen
    Cinnamon Myrtle | Sweet cinnamon-like aroma
    Bush Tomato | Savoury, rich, lingering sun dried fruits
    Native Pepper Berry | Organic herbal tones
    Locally Roasted Coffee Beans | Vanilla | Bush Honey

  6. Erba Volant Amaro Succi 750ml
    Erba Volant Amaro Succi 750ml
    Of all Erba Volant's herb-based 'medicinal tonics', their Aroma Succi is the darkest and most powerful product, with impressive complexity. On the nose, there's a herbaceous freshness, with distinct notes of sage, thyme, orange peel, wormwood, rhubarb, cinchona bark and gentian roots. The finish is rich and lingering, with a wonderful balance between sweet and sour - the perfect digestive to end a heavy meal. 40% alc. 
  7. La Gritona Reposado Tequila
    La Gritona Reposado Tequila

    'La Gritona' is Spanish for 'The Screamer'. It's an appropriate name seeing that one of the people behind this outstanding tequila is LA-based punk guitarist Andy Coronado. The other significant player is the renowned tequilero Melly Cárdenas, who fashions La Gritona at her small distillery in Valle de Guadalupe in the highlands of Jalisco. One of Mexico's few female master distillers, the fiercely independent Cárdenas--who has 20 years of quality Tequila production under her belt--shares Coronado's love of the exceptional and unconventional, and leads a team staffed by only local women.

    For a Reposado, La Gritona is light on colour and sweetness--Coronado and Cárdenas want none of the flavours that mask many commercial Reposados like vanilla, chocolate and dulce de leche. Instead this is packed with delicious, honest and savoury, roasted agave flavor, reminiscent of the old-style 'rested' Tequila, before the mass market took hold: "It's tequila like our grandparents drank," says Cárdenas. Working with 9- to 10-year-old, mature Blue Weber agave grown in the iron-rich red soil of the Jalisco highlands, every step of production after harvest takes place under Cárdenas' own roof. The agave is steam-cooked in a single, thick-walled earthen oven for 24 hours and then allowed to rest for another 24 hours before crushing. The collected liquid is naturally fermented (no additives are used to push things along) in open steel vats at a rate dictated by the ambient air temperature and the wild yeasts, usually lasting between six to nine days. The double distillation takes place in small steel stills. Those bespoke bottles by the way are made from recycled Mexican glass, hand-blown just an hour's drive from the distillery. Coronado uses any recycled clear glass he can find (mostly old Coke bottles) then chips in a few Dos Equis bottles for the green tint!

    The distilled blanco is then rested in reused American whiskey barrels for eight months before bottling. These low-impact second or third fill barrels are given only the lightest char which allows for the refreshing, sappy notes of the agave to shine through, resulting in a Tequila that sips and mixes perfectly in equal measure--it's crisp, clean and elegant and kills it in a Tommy's Margarita. BIBENDUM BAR

  8. Bowmore 12 yo
    Bowmore 12 yo
    The Bowmore Distillery has stood on the shores of Loch Indaal, a sea loch that opens out into the Atlantic ocean, since 1779. The distillery’s proximity to the sea plays a vital role in shaping the final character of our spirit, which breathes in the salty sea air all the while it’s maturing. It’s Bowmore’s unique combination of the purest water from the Laggan River, floor-malted barley that has been carefully smoked in our peat-fired kiln, the finest oak casks left to mature in our No. 1 Vaults, Islay’s natural environment and a dedicated team of craftsmen that together create the perfect balance for which Bowmore is known and loved.

    Our Craftsmen
    Our whisky is made the same way today as it has always been, by a dedicated team of craftsmen, using time-honoured techniques passed down from one generation to the next. A job for life, our Distillery Manager has worked at Bowmore for over 40 years.

    The Legendary No. 1 Vaults
    The oldest maturation warehouse in Scotland and the only one below sea level, the No.1 Vaults’ dark, damp and cold conditions are perfect for maturing whisky. It’s here that our single malts spend their long lives maturing in specially selected oak casks, gradually developing the finest of flavours.

    The Malt Floors
    Bowmore is one of an ever decreasing handful of distilleries to produce its own floor malted barley. Every four hours, the barley is still laboriously hand turned by our Maltmen using traditional tools, just as it has always been. It’s an expensive process by modern standards, but one that’s well worth preserving judged by the results.

    ABV 40%
    Subtle notes of lemon and honey are bound together with the distinctive Bowmore smokiness. Warm and delicious with subtle dark chocolate and peat smoke followed by a long and subtle finish.
    Single Malt
  9. Reid + Reid NZ Native Gin 700mL
    Reid + Reid NZ Native Gin 700mL
    Hand crafted and small batch distilled in a bespoke copper pot still, Reid Reid NZ Native Gin is a unique New Zealand gin created in Martinborough by two brothers. After a two-year mission foraging the landscapes of NZ for aromatic native plants that best compliment a classic dry gin, the brothers settled on Kawakawa, Manuka and Horopito making it a quintessential New Zealand gin.
    Juniper and floral notes followed by citrus. Peppery and ginger spice on the palate and a vibrant, aromatic finish
    New Zealand
  10. Rittenhouse 100 Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey (700ml)
    Rittenhouse 100 Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey (700ml)

    Rittenhouse Rye 100 - Aged 4 years

    Now widely accepted as a bench mark American Rye and outstanding its it class. Rittenhouse is much acclaimed and is enjoying a much deserved comeback throughout the USA with plenty of awards and accolades to its name. A beautiful nose, choc-full with baking spices and crushed red pepper. A touch hot but not the least bit unexpected for this 100 proof bottling. The higher alcohol  makes it the perfect candidate shaken into cocktails or poured over ice just to help break down the heat a little. More to the richer and robust side of US Rye the palate has lashings of clovey/vanilla-bean anglaise, gingerbread, citrus peel, cocoa and spicy, woody notes and an almost creamy, rich palate. Basically just just damn good tasty Rye.

    "Rittenhouse continues to hit it out of the park" Chrisopher Null, DRINKHACKERS

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