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  1. Cantina Tollo Rocca Ventosa Pinot Grigio 2020
    Cantina Tollo Rocca Ventosa Pinot Grigio 2020
    Cantina Tollo is located in the Italian village of Tollo in the region of Abruzzo. The  vineyards spread from the coastal slopes to the verdant mountains overlooking the Mediterranean.

    They produce incredible value wines from the traditional varietals of the region. A modern and thoughtful producer they have farmed the lands here for over 60 years with a view to sustainable agriculture and protection of their traditional lands.

    This is text-book stuff. Steel and concrete tank with no oak. Crisp and crunchy with a minerally hit on the nose reminiscent of white pepper and ground quartz. Easy fruit that is plush and forward with a fresh cut to the mid-weight flavours. Hard to beat at this price!
    Pinot Grigio
    Special Price $12.00 Regular Price $14.00 As low as $11.00
  2. Merinas Airen Viura 2020
    Merinas Airen Viura 2020
    A blend of Airén, Viura and Verdejo grapes from organic dry-farmed vineyards. This is under the Mesta umbrella of which we have featured numerous wines over the years. They represent incredible value given the quality material that goes into their wines. Here, the vines are over 30 years average age and managed as an integrated ecosystem where no pesticides are used, organic manure is the only fertiliser applied and weed control is done by light, superficial tilling.

    There is a lovely soft mix of peach, apple and summer tree fruits sprinkled with a gentle white pepper element. Round, juicy and refreshing with punchy flavours that burst onto the palate. Unoaked and unadulterated and all the better for it. It finishes crisp and clean.
  3. Les Vignerons Vermentino Colombard 2016
    Les Vignerons Vermentino Colombard 2016
    Les Vignerons is a brilliant new value range from one of the ubiquitous cooperatives of southern France. However, unlike the many anonymous wines these outfits are known for, Les Vignerons was born from a different concept. Here, a group of grape growers agitated for more input into the finished product and as a result they were permitted to work with a parcel of their own grapes and with the assistance of the coop winemaker produced their own set of wines.They are all blends of a maximum of two varieties and display good fruit expression, clean winemaking, and deliver excellent value for money.

    This Vermentino and Colombard blend is a straight as an arrow. Saline, crisp and bright with a very subtle textural naunce. PWS
    Blend, White Blend
  4. Domaine de Triennes Rose 2020 375ml
    Domaine de Triennes Rose 2020 375ml
    A winery with great pedigree, Triennes is a joint venture between Jacques Seysses of Domaine Dujac and Aubert de Villaine from Domaine de la Romanee-Conti and is located in the Var, to the East of Aix en Provence. 

    Farmed organically since 2008, the aim of the estate is to produce wines that speak clearly of the bright sky and diverse terroirs of the region. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cinsault, Merlot, Grenache and Viognier provide the raw materials for their stunning range of wines from their pale, savoury rose through to the characterful rich reds for which Provence has become famous.

    We've said it before but year after year this is always such a lovely bottling. Hints of wild strawberry, a touch of red currant and fresh cut peach all jostle in an airy and fragrant nose. Not too heavy, not too light it has lovely plush fruit under-pinned by gentle acidity. It would be a chameleon on the table pairing with so many foods. PWS
  5. Tournon Mathilda Rose 2018
    Tournon Mathilda Rose 2018
    M. Chapoutier Australia is the eponymous offshoot of the famous Rhone Valley producer. The business focuses on vineyards in the Pyrenees, Heathcote and Beechworth with collaboration from Ron Laughton of Jasper Hill and Rick Kinzbrunner of Giaconda. JAMES HALLIDAY

    The whole Tournon range offers incredible value and quality which I guess that should be no surprise given it is headed up by the un-compromising Michel Chapoutier. They are wonderful expressions of Aussie fruit with a European sensibility.

    The Tournon "Mathilda" Rose is so pretty and smells of rose petals and lively strawberry fruit. There is a hint of underlying grapefruit and that 'Provencal' peach. Its pristine and clean on the palate with pure red, spicy fruits that burst in your mouth. Super-refreshing! We couldn't believe the price when we tried this. PWS
    Shiraz Grenache
  6. Brokenwood Hunter Semillon 2018 375ml
    Brokenwood Hunter Semillon 2018 375ml
    From one of the Hunters and Australia's most classic producers. Brokenwood have continued to write their legacy based on quality and consistency that is undeniable. Wether you are a Hunter fan or not (plus with all their Beechworth you don't need to be) they are undeniably one of the greatest producer this country has seen. PWS

    Ever reliable, but this was a vintage that threw down the gauntlet to the semillons across the Valley (in contrast to the shirazs). There's plenty of flavour, but the structure is slightly loose. Drink up. JAMES HALLIDAY
  7. Nick O'Leary Riesling 2019 375ml
    Nick O'Leary Riesling 2019 375ml

    At the ripe old age of 28, Nick O'Leary had been involved in the wine industry for over a decade, working variously in retail, wholesale, viticulture and winemaking. Two years earlier he had laid the foundation for Nick O'Leary Wines, purchasing shiraz from local vignerons (commencing in 2006); riesling following in '08.
    His wines have had extraordinarily consistent success in local wine shows and competitions since the first vintages, and are building on that early success in spectacular fashion. At the NSW Wine Awards '15, the 2014 Shiraz was awarded the NSW Wine of the Year Trophy exactly as the 2013 Shiraz was in the prior year - the first time any winery had won the award in consecutive years. JAMES HALLIDAY

    A good season for CBR Riesling, I take it, given Our Mike’s recent reviews.

    Distinctly spicy, ginger and that, green apple and lime, light powdery texture, positive acidity, though it feels soft and comely in a way, juice and zest and length as it goes. Excellent. A beauty. GARY WALSH, The Wine Front


  8. Jules Mediterranean Rose 2019
    Jules Mediterranean Rose 2019
    Hugh and Jane Faulkner fell in love with a vineyard, situated on the foothills of the Masif des Maures, in the centre of the Var, and settled at the property in 1989. Their eldest son Julian would eventually take over the running of the vineyard in 2000. A shrewd wine businessman and talented vigneron, Julian established the Jules label with the mission to craft delicious, accessible, and great value wines with single estate personality.

    Another killer Rose from Jules and one of those wines you ask yourself how they can do it for the money? Hints of citrus peel, fresh cut fennel and cranberry/red currant fruits on the nose follow into a juicy palate of crunchy, bright red fruit with a white pepper finish. Really juicy and bright but perfectly dry and eminently drinkable. Now under screwcap how can you go wrong? You would be crazy to not have a dozen of waiting in the wings for every time someone drops by for a drink on the patio or that last minute BBQ invite. PWS
  9. Sensale Grillo 2020
    Sensale Grillo 2020
    IF you don't know it Grillo is a native to the island of Sicily and the Sensale bottling from Cantine Europa has to be one of the best value options around. The wine comes from the western part of the island and is made without any use of oak and is deliberately styled for early and easy drinking.

    Notes of citrus, pear and stone fruits open with a bit of sea-spray action that lends a slightly salty twang to both the nose and pallet. There is definitely a bit of flesh and punchy fruit with citrus to the fore followed by a little stone fruit and minerally hit. We love the way the fruit and savoury clip play off each other in the mouth and just a little hint of bitterness make this the perfect pairing to Mediterranean seafood. Mwah!
  10. Chateau Coupe Roses Fremillant Rose 2020
    Chateau Coupe Roses Fremillant Rose 2020

    Situated in La Caunette, a small and beautiful village in Minervois, just close to the Montagne Noire the family of Françoise Le Calvez, his parents, son and daughter have created something incredibly special from this little corner they have carved out in the Mediterranean hinterlands.

    Today the vineyard holdings total 143 acres with an assortment of some 40 plots in total, mostly on the mountain plateau standing high above their village of La Caunette. At 750 – 1350 ft above sea level these are some of the highest sites in the AOC. The warm days and cool nights result in one the longest growing seasons in the region. Regardless the wine remain wonderfully fresh and vibrant.

    A wonderful Provence style rose but with a little extra meat on it bones. The high mourvedre count gives this a beautiful earthy spice element that lingers gently over red and black currant fruit, orange peel and pithy citrus fruit. Still in the medium bodied category this has a little extra heft and comes of feeling firm and full as well as bright and fresh. Juicy fruits and a spicy finish bring it all together nicely.

    Mourvedre, Rose
    Special Price $18.00 Regular Price $22.00
  11. Red Claw by Yabby Lake Pinot Gris 2018 375ml
    Red Claw by Yabby Lake Pinot Gris 2018 375ml

    Handpicked fruit was whole bunch pressed into tank. After cold settling overnight, juice was racked to another tank for fermentation. Parcels left on yeast lees until July 2016 to gain mouth feel and complexity, then bottled. This Red Claw Pinot Gris has lovely freshness, lifted floral aromas and bright fruit flavours. Showing a hint of nashi pear, subtle spice and a long, finely textured palate. YABBY LAKE

    Very light yellow, bright colour, with a sweetly fragrant, light and grapy aroma, some nectarine, stone fruit notes. The wine is light-bodied and dry, delicate and straightforward, with a cleansing, appetising dryness to finish. It's very much a grigio style. The Real Review

    Pinot Gris
  12. 22 Degrees Kaleidoscope of Mayhem Halo White 2020
    22 Degrees Kaleidoscope of Mayhem Halo White 2020
    A relatively new label of Ashley Ratcliff of Ricca Terra, bringing together familiar varieties with new, climate adaptive planting. We are big fans of what he is doing and big fans of this style of white particuarly with warmer weather creeping in. This a the perfect blend of zip and punch with plenty of character and so easy to down.

    Blend here is Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Vermentino and Zibbibo.  A fun, leap-from-the-glass style, Sauvignon's tropical fruits meet the unmistakably grapey qualities of Zibbibo, a summer fruit salad of flavours.  Juicy and gluggable, though under its overt appeal there's some interest, focus and proper complexity.
    Fiano, sauvignon Blanc
    Special Price $18.00 Regular Price $20.00 As low as $17.00
  13. Insieme Pinot Grigio 2020
    Insieme Pinot Grigio 2020
    The Bruni family works with farmers all over Italy for the Insieme label, producing wines which are delicious, top value, and varietally and regionally correct. This is not the first time we have featured their wines and it certainly won't be the last. They offer exceptional value but also that little something that you just can't quite put your finger on.

    Raised without oak, this is a fruit driven expression, pushing against the neutrality of some of these styles.  Pear and green melon fruit, juicy and a crackling mineral undertone, beautifully textured and has some personality about it.
    Pinot Grigio
    Special Price $18.00 Regular Price $21.00 As low as $17.00
  14. Gunderloch Fritz Riesling 2020
    Gunderloch Fritz Riesling 2020

    How do they do it? This has been a PWS favourite for some time now and it never fails to deliver. Made by Rheinhessen legends Gunderloch with vineyards  close to the Rhines south-east steep slopes. The combination of the red slate soil, the proximity to the river, the exposure to the sun and the steepness of the vineyards - are perfect for producing wonderful ripeness. If you are a German riesling fan it would be hard to beat this for the sheer quality and insane value it represents.

    The wine shows lovely stone fruit, peach and pithy characters as it opens in the glass. There is a salty mineral hit to that is really lovely. The fresh natural acidity zip through the ripe and spice flecked palate while a little aromatic lift gives this some real interest. Dry, fresh and full of character. PWS

    Special Price $19.00 Regular Price $22.00
  15. Vinoque Fiano e Greco 2018
    Vinoque Fiano e Greco 2018

    If you haven't looked at some of the Vinoque range from De Bortoli, do yourself a favour. Steve Webber uses this label to produce some incredible value wines and fantastic little blends. We carry a few but this one always seems to end up floor stacked somewhere in the store. PWS

    51/49%/fiano/greco Hand-picked, whole-bunch pressed to used French casks for fermentation. Light straw. Rockpool, saline, lemon peel. Fermentation in old French casks has let loose some exotic flavours of figs, cut pear and honey. A touch of lemon drop confection brings these two Italian grapes together on the finish. JENI PORT, James Halliday

    Fiano, Greco
  16. Ricca Terra Bronco Buster White 2020
    Ricca Terra Bronco Buster White 2020

    This crazy and delicious blend from vermentino, fiano, greco and arinto grapes is produced by Ashley Ratcliff and family from the Ricca Terra farms of Riverland, South Australia.

    There is a lovely chalky and green melon that greets you on the nose that flows into succulent nashi pear and green tree fruits. It’s a bit like trying to catch wind with you hand as all the spicy fruit and mineral laden falvours and aromas rush around your senses. Crisp and dry with lip-smacking fruit and refreshing acidity that makes you want for more. So good!! PWS

    White Blend
  17. Antonio Soave 2020
    Antonio Soave 2020
    Set in the foothills before the Dolomites - with most sites sitting between 250-500 metres, the wines of Antonio Fattori are a masterclass of focus and definition. His gift is to let the varieties - Garganega for Soave, Pinot Grigio and more recently Durello and the Valpolicella red grapes which speak brightly of their origins.

    These wines are fantastic and this must be one of the best value Soave's around. Lovely up-front peach and soft green almond tinged fruit greet you. There is a lovely zip to the palate and some nervy energy countered by pure and plush fruits. This is modern, stylish and very tasty.
    Garganega, Trebbiano
    Special Price $20.00 Regular Price $26.00
  18. Cantarrana Verdejo 2020
    Cantarrana Verdejo 2020

    The Agrícola Castellana Cooperative, situated in the heart of the Rueda D.O., was set up in La Seca (Valladolid) by small number of dedicated vine growers wishing to add value to their products.

    Today, it consists of some 400 members who cultivate 2000 hectares of vineyards with modern equipment for the production of 7 millions of litres of wine per harvest and facilities for manufacturing one million of these in oak.

    The Bodega has up to date machinery for the reception of the grapes, pneumatic presses and temperature controlled, stainless steel vessels for fermentation, all of wich have contributed enormously to improve the quality of the wines.

    Another spot on release brimming with summer fruit salad, with a lovely peachy lift. It's juicy and fleshy with just a little snap on the palate to keep it fresh. Drink don't think! PWS

  19. PWS Thank Your Port 500ml
    PWS Thank Your Port 500ml
    For those of you who may remember we used to have 3 big barrels of fortified wines out the back of the store where you could re-fill your own bottles, or buy from us, a selection of Stanton & Kileen Muscat, Topaque and Ruby Fortified. After many years these bottlings fell out of favour and with room growing to a premium at the store we got rid of them.

    But what to do with all that wonderful sticky goodness? The juice was too good to just pour away and we really had a bit of a soft-spot in our heart for these wines. In jumps  crew at Stanton & Kileen help us out with our little conundrum. They expertly blended the 3 fortifieds together with a little fresh stock from their own holdings and worked a little magic at the same time. The result is the PWS Thank You Fortified.

    This is such a magical combo or red fruits blended with spicy muscat florals and a hint of earl grey tea. It's beautifully luscious and sweet like a muscat but a dollop of strawberry and raspberry fruit elevate the nose with a little twist on the traditional fortified. Delicious!
  20. Clos Clare Riesling 2019 375ml
    Clos Clare Riesling 2019 375ml

    Owned arnd run by the Barry family (Jim Barrty Wines) the clos Clare patch is located within the famous Florita vineyard in Watervale and is getting on for 50 years of age. The clos Clare Riesling is often among the very best in the region amd access to their absolutely stonking older releases, which they hold back in cellar, is proof of that pedigree. PWS

    This is archetypal. Quintessential. Classic. A taut thread of lime juice, grapefruit and candied lemon zest woven by a spindle of pumice, slate and bright acidity. Transparent. A flowing stream of flavour. Inimitably Clare. This will fill out with bottle age. NED GOODWIN, James Halliday

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