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  1. Rive Droite Rive Gauche Cotes du Rhone 2020
    Rive Droite Rive Gauche Cotes du Rhone 2020
    Rive Droite Rive Gauche simply means right bank, left bank and the name derives from fruit for the wine being sourced from both sides of the river - the grenache coming mainly from the left (gauche) and the Syrah from the village of Daumazan (on the rive droite), near Tavel. It is also a French film starring the rotund wine-nut actor Gerard Depardieu - fun fact!

    This is a lovely fresh and crunchy styled Rhone from our friends at Rive Droite. There is touch of thyme and bay over red spiced fruits, layered with a little bit of red liquorice. This is a medium bodied rendition with a pure core of raspberry, wild strawberry and splash of black berry fruit in the mix. Its lithe with a lovely fresh cut to the sweet fruits that makes this look wonderfully elegant and damn easy to like.

    Grenache, shiraz
    Special Price $19.00 Regular Price $22.00 As low as $18.00
  2. Chateau Fontareche Corbieres Rouge Vieilles Vignes 2019
    Chateau Fontareche Corbieres Rouge Vieilles Vignes 2019
    The Fontarèche property, at the heart of Corbiere, has a long, illustrious and noble history dating back to 1201. Current proprietor, Jacques de Lamy took over from his father, Count Edouard de Lamy in 1957 where the de Lamy family has been in charge of the property since 1682.

    Fontarèche work with 17 grape varieties of which their Carignan is held the highest regards. The vines are planted to the semi-desert Mediterranean climate trapped between the Atlantic and Mediterranean, the Atlantic breezes funnel through the mountain ranges that form the backdrop of the region and help to temper the summer heat in the vineyards retaining freshness and vibrancy in the wines.

    Wonderfully lifted violets, mulberry and blue fruits all underlined by gentle smoke and graphite. The palate is brimming with a core of dark fruits, sweet and savoury notes with a really nice focus and buzzy energy. Really is surprising the level of subtle complexity at this price point that remains so easy to drink at the same time. Fast becoming a staff favourite! MYLES, PWS
  3. Des Grande Esperances Java Rouge 2019
    Des Grande Esperances Java Rouge 2019
    This is a cracking Blend of gamay 60% malbec 20% and cabernet Franc 20% made by the team at Domaines de Grande Esperances. They are geared towards quality production and organic farming base in the Loire Valley and working with about 24 hectares of land and 8 varietals. These are fun and delicious wines that don't take themselves to seriously but still over-deliver in spades.

    A lifted fruit punch of red fruits - think strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry and red currant that leap out of the glass. A wild spicy note carries the bold fruit turning round into lovely savoury peppery sprinkles. There is a light lick of tannin that keeps this all-in check. Yum!
    Cabernet Franc, Gamay
    Special Price $19.00 Regular Price $22.00 As low as $18.00
  4. Vina Ventisquero Pinot Noir 2019
    Vina Ventisquero Pinot Noir 2019
    Vina Ventisquera, established in 1998, are now a large consolidated company making a swathe of wines off prime Chilean vineyards. While the operation is a bit of a behemoth, their focus on quality and access to excellent source material means they can output some really fantastic wine and extremely affordable prices.

    The pinot opens up to an attractively fresh overlay of dried herbs and bright red berries with fine perfume. It takes a bit of swirling to open up but once it does it looks really pretty with nicely poised red fruits that run a sleek line down the middle of the wine. There is a nice focus and energy to the wines and does a great job. If you can decant this you will be rewarded handsomely with a perfect Autumn red. PWS
    Cabernet Sauvignon
  5. Route du Van Dolcetto Shiraz 2018
    Route du Van Dolcetto Shiraz 2018
    A passion project for The Dexter clan (Todd and Debbie) and Bird (Ian and Ruth, David and Marie) families sourcing grapes from all over Victoria to put into this fun label. Winemaker Todd heads up the team in winery so if that is not enough to get you interested then I don't know what is. Great stuff all round from the label but we think this wine is the most fun and interesting out of the lot.

    King Valley/Alpine Valley
    51% Dolcetto
    47% Shiraz
    6% Sangiovese

    A juicy little number with that loveley blue fruit clove spice hit you get from Dolcetto. The shiraz throw in some more darker broody fruit and the earthy peppercorn element as well. This is such a fun little wine that is screaming drink me now! Plush and pretty its a crowd pleaser. PWS
    Dolcetto, shiraz
  6. Gunderloch Fritz Riesling 2020
    Gunderloch Fritz Riesling 2020

    How do they do it? This has been a PWS favourite for some time now and it never fails to deliver. Made by Rheinhessen legends Gunderloch with vineyards  close to the Rhines south-east steep slopes. The combination of the red slate soil, the proximity to the river, the exposure to the sun and the steepness of the vineyards - are perfect for producing wonderful ripeness. If you are a German riesling fan it would be hard to beat this for the sheer quality and insane value it represents.

    The wine shows lovely stone fruit, peach and pithy characters as it opens in the glass. There is a salty mineral hit to that is really lovely. The fresh natural acidity zip through the ripe and spice flecked palate while a little aromatic lift gives this some real interest. Dry, fresh and full of character. PWS

    Special Price $19.00 Regular Price $22.00
  7. Winery of Good Hope Pinotage 2020
    Winery of Good Hope Pinotage 2020
    The newest independent winery run by Alex Dale and friends in the Helderberg sub-region, is an emerging star on the Cape wine scene producing wines of complete quality, yet expressing their individuality. John Platter the doyen and king maker has already tabbed them as 5 star winemakers.

    This wine displays a refreshing yet juicy palate with black berries, plums, wild black fruits and a wonderful, natural sucrosité. This is energetic and fresh with the fruit lending itself perfect to the whole-berry fremermentation that gove this a lovely spice hit. It has a lithe texture with integrated, supple tannins and some attractive spice on the finish. Incredibly moreish! They certainly have captured the essence of the beautiful cape in the bottle here.
    South Africa
  8. Monteguelfo Chianti DOCG 2020
    Monteguelfo Chianti DOCG 2020
    Wow! This was such a wonderful surprise and terrific value Chianti from the estates of Andrea Cecchi. Made from 90% Sangiovese and 10% Colorino, the wine does not see any oak and has a tradiotional leaning and plenty of character, particularly for a wine at this price. The Cecchi family has 125 years of winemaking history and have some excellent vineyards at their disposal.

    It's a wonderfully vibrant & fresh expression of sangiovese that retains its fleshy and soft fruits throughout with a pillowy texture. Hints of black cherry and wild forest fruits with a touch of leather and some savoury dried herbs.
  9. Clos Clare Riesling 2019 375ml
    Clos Clare Riesling 2019 375ml

    Owned arnd run by the Barry family (Jim Barrty Wines) the clos Clare patch is located within the famous Florita vineyard in Watervale and is getting on for 50 years of age. The clos Clare Riesling is often among the very best in the region amd access to their absolutely stonking older releases, which they hold back in cellar, is proof of that pedigree. PWS

    This is archetypal. Quintessential. Classic. A taut thread of lime juice, grapefruit and candied lemon zest woven by a spindle of pumice, slate and bright acidity. Transparent. A flowing stream of flavour. Inimitably Clare. This will fill out with bottle age. NED GOODWIN, James Halliday

  10. The Wizardry Grenache Rouge 2019
    The Wizardry Grenache Rouge 2019

    Steve Webber is a man of many talents and passions. One of his is Grenache from upper Heathcote. He loves it so much he has established a brand around promoting the variety in the region. This is the 3rd vintage and of the wines and we are thoroughly convinced, not just because Steve stands behind, but because the wine is that good. The future is bright and so is this wine. PWS

    This red delight reflects the name with definitely some magic in its makeup, dark cherry aromatics to start, with ripe but not jammy flavours as you sip in medium to fuller-bodied juicy fruits offsetting a fine, sandy tannin feel. There’s a lot going on for the price – look out for specials and keep an eye on it as the styling unfolds over the next few years. HALLIDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2020

  11. Rocky Gully Shiraz 2017
    Rocky Gully Shiraz 2017
    We are thoroughly impressed with the reds coming out of Frankland Estate at the moment. There estate Syrah is one of the best in the country and we make that call with confidence. What the Rocky Gully offers is the same commitment to quality in a fun and forward package. Sourced from estate and several other vineyards in Frankland river there is distinctive and delicious, cool-climate bent to this wine with its sweet, peppery spice and anise nose. Packed with black forest fruits and spicy finish this is the best we have seen from the Rocky Gully range we have seen so far. PWS
  12. Ricca Terra Bronco Buster White 2020
    Ricca Terra Bronco Buster White 2020

    This crazy and delicious blend from vermentino, fiano, greco and arinto grapes is produced by Ashley Ratcliff and family from the Ricca Terra farms of Riverland, South Australia.

    There is a lovely chalky and green melon that greets you on the nose that flows into succulent nashi pear and green tree fruits. It’s a bit like trying to catch wind with you hand as all the spicy fruit and mineral laden falvours and aromas rush around your senses. Crisp and dry with lip-smacking fruit and refreshing acidity that makes you want for more. So good!! PWS

    White Blend
  13. Antonio Soave 2020
    Antonio Soave 2020
    Set in the foothills before the Dolomites - with most sites sitting between 250-500 metres, the wines of Antonio Fattori are a masterclass of focus and definition. His gift is to let the varieties - Garganega for Soave, Pinot Grigio and more recently Durello and the Valpolicella red grapes which speak brightly of their origins.

    These wines are fantastic and this must be one of the best value Soave's around. Lovely up-front peach and soft green almond tinged fruit greet you. There is a lovely zip to the palate and some nervy energy countered by pure and plush fruits. This is modern, stylish and very tasty.
    Garganega, Trebbiano
    Special Price $20.00 Regular Price $26.00
  14. Poggio Anima Primitivo Salento Lilith 2018
    Poggio Anima Primitivo Salento Lilith 2018
    Poggio Anima is a joint venture between one of Tuscany's rising stars, Riccardo Campinoti of Le Ragnaie in Montalcino, and his U.S.A. importer Ronnie Sanders of Vine Street Imports. The Poggio Anima concept is straightforward: to source great vineyards from existing relationships and produce real wines which convey the ‘soul’ (anima) of each site and each grape variety.

    The wines are not ‘bulk’ wines or leftover juice, but rather they are the result of long-standing relationships with respected growers throughout Italy. In packaging the Poggio Anima wines, Ronnie and Riccardo wanted to focus on the omnipresent dichotomy in the world between good and evil, and the everyday quest for balance in all things, including wine! The Eastern ideology of Yin Yang is the core of this ‘balance’ in the Poggio Anima concept. Poggio Anima are real wines, from real places, made by real people.

    Deep dark red colour with black tinged edges and a dark red hue. Spicy red currant aromas intermix with earth, dried herbs and hints of tobacco. Medium bodied, savoury dark cherry and ripe red currant flavours meld into cedary tobacco and spicy dried herb characters with lovely, fresh acidity. PWS
  15. Le Moss Frizzante IGT
    Le Moss Frizzante IGT
    This is slightly cloudy Glera sparkling wine from the Piave region in Italy. Basically it's a Prosecco as it is made from all glera grapes but made in a pet-nat style and unfiltered so cannot legally call itself Prosecco. But honestly why would you care? This is such a fun wine to drink. We all screamed "picnic wine!" when we tried it. Hell yeah!

    Wild yeast fermented with natural carbonation from secondary ferment in bottle there is lilting aroma of bread crust, Acacia flowers, apple, lemon & grapefruit pithiness. Extremely fresh with some chalky texture that reminds a bit of great scrumpy cider. Bone dry, totally fresh and totally delicious. Yum!
    Sparkling Wine
  16. Cantarrana Verdejo 2020
    Cantarrana Verdejo 2020

    The Agrícola Castellana Cooperative, situated in the heart of the Rueda D.O., was set up in La Seca (Valladolid) by small number of dedicated vine growers wishing to add value to their products.

    Today, it consists of some 400 members who cultivate 2000 hectares of vineyards with modern equipment for the production of 7 millions of litres of wine per harvest and facilities for manufacturing one million of these in oak.

    The Bodega has up to date machinery for the reception of the grapes, pneumatic presses and temperature controlled, stainless steel vessels for fermentation, all of wich have contributed enormously to improve the quality of the wines.

    Another spot on release brimming with summer fruit salad, with a lovely peachy lift. It's juicy and fleshy with just a little snap on the palate to keep it fresh. Drink don't think! PWS

  17. ColleMassari Rigoleto Rosso Montecucco 2016
    ColleMassari Rigoleto Rosso Montecucco 2016
    The estate is situated in the foothills of Monte Amiata and, whilst Sangiovese is the principal variety, the conditions – 320 metres above sea level and constant ventilation (due partly to the proximity to the Tyrrhenian coast and partly to the 15% incline) – allow other varieties such as Ciliegiolo, Montepulciano and Vermentino to thrive. Production is based on organic principles (guaranteed and certified) and winemaking is carried out in the architectural award winning four story gravity feed winery.

    70% Sangiovese, 15% Ciliegiolo, 15% Montepulciano

    This is such a great wine and so underrated when it comes to Tuscany. It has a little more weight and heft then its cousins in Chianti and there is a wild edge to the wine that is so appealing. Situated further down the coast but with good elevation that provides a cool and fresh snap. PWS

    Dark berries, walnuts and dried flowers on the nose follow through to a medium body with firm tannins and a fresh finish. From organically grown grapes. Drink now. JAMES SUCKLING

  18. PWS Thank Your Port 500ml
    PWS Thank Your Port 500ml
    For those of you who may remember we used to have 3 big barrels of fortified wines out the back of the store where you could re-fill your own bottles, or buy from us, a selection of Stanton & Kileen Muscat, Topaque and Ruby Fortified. After many years these bottlings fell out of favour and with room growing to a premium at the store we got rid of them.

    But what to do with all that wonderful sticky goodness? The juice was too good to just pour away and we really had a bit of a soft-spot in our heart for these wines. In jumps  crew at Stanton & Kileen help us out with our little conundrum. They expertly blended the 3 fortifieds together with a little fresh stock from their own holdings and worked a little magic at the same time. The result is the PWS Thank You Fortified.

    This is such a magical combo or red fruits blended with spicy muscat florals and a hint of earl grey tea. It's beautifully luscious and sweet like a muscat but a dollop of strawberry and raspberry fruit elevate the nose with a little twist on the traditional fortified. Delicious!
  19. Luccarelli Primitivo 2018
    Luccarelli Primitivo 2018
    The Terre di Sava winery was founded in 2008 and today produces a range of wines designed to celebrate the wine-making history of Sava, within Puglia (South East Italy).

    Located just to the west of Manduria (the town after which the Primitivo di Manduria DOC is named) on the Salento Peninsula, the “land of Sava” is the land of the gnarled old bush vines that produce the Primitivo grape destined for this rich and earthy expression of Puglia. MONDO IMPORTS

    Primitivo 100% - Salento,Puglia. Intense ruby red color with violet reflections; complex bouquet with lots of red fruits. Full-bodied, soft, quite tannic, harmonious.Ready to drink. Excellent with rich first courses, redmeat,game and medium-seasoned cheeses. LUCCARELLI
  20. Blind Corner Rouge 2019
    Blind Corner Rouge 2019
    Whatever you think this price should get you, this easy, juicy red will raise your expectations. Vivid primariness, high-toned fragrance and seamless texture are the name of the game.

    It's is a blend of Quindalup Shiraz and Cabernet ferments, seasoned with roughly five per cent Merlot from the Estate's young 'Pétrus' clone grafts at Wilyabrup. In the main the fruit was drawn from 20+ year-old vines, all hand-picked, foot-crushed and wild-fermented, then basket-pressed to old oak for a few months before bottling. The Cabernet component includes a percentage of barrels declassified from Blind Corner's posher bottling. PWS
    Cabernet Blends
  21. Moss Wood Amy's Vineyard Cabernet 2018 375ml
    Moss Wood Amy's Vineyard Cabernet 2018 375ml

    An attractively fresh array of mulberry and red-plum aromas with a rose-like floral edge, too. The palate has a very supple, succulent core of fleshy, sleek tannins that carry bright raspberry and mulberry flavors fresh and long. Great balance and vibrancy here. A blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec and petit verdot. Drink now. Screw cap. NICK STOCK, JamesSuckling.com

    (Cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec, petit verdot) Deep, youthfully bright purple/red colour, with a lovely cassis, mulberry and blueberry aroma, the palate rich, essency and fruit-sweet, with stacks of glorious berry cabernet flavour. The tannins are soft and fine-grained, mild-mannered and the wine is already drinking superbly. Blueberry and violet overtones. Fruit drives the wine. HUON HOOKE, The Real Review

    We are always a little shocked when we see the price for the Amy's vineyard's bottling. It represents such terrific value from one of Australia's great wine estates. It gives the top bottlings a run for their money given it comes in at much less then half the price-tag of it's bigger brothers. PWS

    Cabernet Sauvignon
  22. La Purisima Estio Tinto Monastrell Blend 2019
    La Purisima Estio Tinto Monastrell Blend 2019

    La Purisima is a sort of 'post-modern' co-op, doing some really sensational 'estate-style' wines from holdings of very old, dry grown, original clone, ungrafted Monastrell. La Purisima is in the township of Yecla, which gives its name to the Denominacion de Origen, D.O. Yecla, about 1.5 hours inland, due west from Alicante. It's also very high up, with vineyards as high as 1100m above sea level. Summer heat is tempered by altitude, while winter is both extremely cold, and also quite dry (average rainfall is 12 inches per annum.) No irrigation.

    Low crop, high levels of vineyard vigilance, organic growing techniques, picked in the cooler hours of the day (mornings) and packed into small crates, begins a process of meticulous winemaking. The grapes then go through several selection passes, followed by 'must' chilling and fermentation in stainless steel.

    The original clones of Monastrell grown on their own roots from old bush vines, dry grown. This is a simple wine, but really good. Very varietal warm bitumen/dried fig/honey/black fruit Monastrell, given a bit of a juicy-jubey touch up from the Syrah in the blend. Very silky to the tongue with decent length and a nice sense of taper on the palate to a finish where the fruit tannins live. PWS

    monastrell, shiraz
  23. Vinoque Fiano e Greco 2018
    Vinoque Fiano e Greco 2018

    If you haven't looked at some of the Vinoque range from De Bortoli, do yourself a favour. Steve Webber uses this label to produce some incredible value wines and fantastic little blends. We carry a few but this one always seems to end up floor stacked somewhere in the store. PWS

    51/49%/fiano/greco Hand-picked, whole-bunch pressed to used French casks for fermentation. Light straw. Rockpool, saline, lemon peel. Fermentation in old French casks has let loose some exotic flavours of figs, cut pear and honey. A touch of lemon drop confection brings these two Italian grapes together on the finish. JENI PORT, James Halliday

    Fiano, Greco
  24. 2A Pinot Noir 2019
    2A Pinot Noir 2019

    Made by an icon within the Australian wine industry Matt Harrop. Matt had stints at Grosset and Brokenwood before creating Shadowfax in 1999. Now making wine at Curly Flat and Silent Way, Matt has gained a reputation for making stunning cool climate wines with structure, concentration and complexity.
    This Pinot Noir was made exclusively for the Prince Wine Store with fruit sourced from the Macedon Ranges. The youthful wine presents a vibrant nose of fresh cut strawberries with a herbaceous edge. Bright red fruit follows on the palate, with fresh crunchy acidity and subtle spiced characteristic. Beautifully accompanied with roast rabbit or enjoyed on its own. PWS

    Pinot noir
  25. Moss Wood Amy's Vineyard Cabernet 2019 375ml
    Moss Wood Amy's Vineyard Cabernet 2019 375ml

    5/13/7/5% cabernet sauvignon/merlot/malbec/petit verdot. Hand picked, matured for 14 months in seasoned French oak. The 2019 vintage in Margaret River was cool and wet, producing wines of concentrated, high aroma and vibrancy. This is all of that, with layers of nuance on the palate. It is very restrained and long; unfurling, petal by petal, rather than revealing itself all at once. Elegant and classy to the very end. A ripper. Buy it and cellar it with confidence, or drink its beauty tonight – both viable options. ERIK LARKIN, James Halliday

    Cabernet Sauvignon
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