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December Mixed Dozen 2021 - Christmas Drinking Part II

December Mixed Dozen 2021 - Christmas Drinking Part II - Prince Wine Store

December Mixed Dozen 2021 – Christmas Drinking Part II

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  1. Chateau Coupe Roses Fremillant Rose 2020
    Chateau Coupe Roses Fremillant Rose 2020

    Situated in La Caunette, a small and beautiful village in Minervois, just close to the Montagne Noire the family of Françoise Le Calvez, his parents, son and daughter have created something incredibly special from this little corner they have carved out in the Mediterranean hinterlands.

    Today the vineyard holdings total 143 acres with an assortment of some 40 plots in total, mostly on the mountain plateau standing high above their village of La Caunette. At 750 – 1350 ft above sea level these are some of the highest sites in the AOC. The warm days and cool nights result in one the longest growing seasons in the region. Regardless the wine remain wonderfully fresh and vibrant.

    A wonderful Provence style rose but with a little extra meat on it bones. The high mourvedre count gives this a beautiful earthy spice element that lingers gently over red and black currant fruit, orange peel and pithy citrus fruit. Still in the medium bodied category this has a little extra heft and comes of feeling firm and full as well as bright and fresh. Juicy fruits and a spicy finish bring it all together nicely.

    Mourvedre, Rose
  2. PWS Thank Your Port 500ml
    PWS Thank Your Port 500ml
    For those of you who may remember we used to have 3 big barrels of fortified wines out the back of the store where you could re-fill your own bottles, or buy from us, a selection of Stanton & Kileen Muscat, Topaque and Ruby Fortified. After many years these bottlings fell out of favour and with room growing to a premium at the store we got rid of them.

    But what to do with all that wonderful sticky goodness? The juice was too good to just pour away and we really had a bit of a soft-spot in our heart for these wines. In jumps  crew at Stanton & Kileen help us out with our little conundrum. They expertly blended the 3 fortifieds together with a little fresh stock from their own holdings and worked a little magic at the same time. The result is the PWS Thank You Fortified.

    This is such a magical combo or red fruits blended with spicy muscat florals and a hint of earl grey tea. It's beautifully luscious and sweet like a muscat but a dollop of strawberry and raspberry fruit elevate the nose with a little twist on the traditional fortified. Delicious!
  3. La Dama Vini Valpolicella Classico 2020
    La Dama Vini Valpolicella Classico 2020
    Established by Gabriele and Miriam Dalcanele in 2006, La Dama represents the new breed of winemakers in the region. Modern, fresh yet compelling wines coaxed from organically farmed vineyards in the fabled commune of Negrar, home to some of the great names including the legendary Giuseppe Quintarelli.

    Their 10 hectare estate has been certified organic since 2015 and works only with the native varieties of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara. Oak influence is kept to a minimum in order to ensure the vineyard speaks for itself in the glass.

    This looks so pretty in the glass with red currant, raspberry, a touch of Sichuan spice with a lovely lifted and fragrant and nose. There is a touch more flesh and richness then the 2019's and some very fine tannins that give this a little more edge to the wild red fruits. A touch of wild herbs at the end also hang out in the background of the nose and give this a little extra bit of complexity. Really nice form on this one. 
    Corvina, Molinara, Rodinella
    Special Price $26.00 Regular Price $30.00 As low as $24.00
  4. La Boca Malbec 2020
    La Boca Malbec 2020
    La Boca is sourced from vineyards in the Uco Valley, Argentina at elevations of up to 3500 metres. Purity and freshness is the key here with modern winemaking and very little oak to hide behind.

    The high altitude vineyards lend a lovely lifted quality to the fruit on the nose and in the mouth.
    Mulberry and black currant fruit give way to black spice and heady aromatics of violet that you don't often see. The well-established older vines yield wonderfully concentrated fruit at the core of the wine and the minimal fussing in the winemaking means that the pure fruits are allowed to shine. Plush and forward but with a lovely snap of acidity and round tannins that hold everything in check. Good stuff!
  5. Sensale Grillo 2020
    Sensale Grillo 2020
    IF you don't know it Grillo is a native to the island of Sicily and the Sensale bottling from Cantine Europa has to be one of the best value options around. The wine comes from the western part of the island and is made without any use of oak and is deliberately styled for early and easy drinking.

    Notes of citrus, pear and stone fruits open with a bit of sea-spray action that lends a slightly salty twang to both the nose and pallet. There is definitely a bit of flesh and punchy fruit with citrus to the fore followed by a little stone fruit and minerally hit. We love the way the fruit and savoury clip play off each other in the mouth and just a little hint of bitterness make this the perfect pairing to Mediterranean seafood. Mwah!
  6. Moorooduc Estate Devil Bend Creek Pinot Noir 2019
    Moorooduc Estate Devil Bend Creek Pinot Noir 2019

    We have always had great relationship with the Mcintyre family and Kate in particular who we have collaborated with on numerous projects. They are pioneers and standard bearers for the Mornington Peninsula. The wines from top to bottom are all sensational and we are proud to call them our friends. PWS

    Our philsophy in everything we do is to make the most of top quality ingredients. Intensive, hands-on care in the vineyard, with minimal use of chemicals, produces the best possible fruit for our wines. Wild yeast ferments and minimal intervention winemaking, with a nod to traditional Burgundian techniques, allow our wines to express their site specificity, or terroir. MOOROODUC

    A touch of tomato leaf with raspberry and a slight black fruited edge to this slightly more plump and plush version of the Devil Bend Creek. Light, gentle tannins slide their way through the middle. Slippery and gorgeous with plenty of fruit but a lovely buoyancy as well. PWS

    Pinot noir

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PWS Thank Your Port 500ml $20.00 $20.00
La Dama Vini Valpolicella Classico 2020 $30.00 $26.00
Kumeu River Village Chardonnay 2020 $22.00 $22.00
Rieslingfreak No. 3 Clare Dry Riesling 2021 $25.00 $25.00
La Boca Malbec 2020 $20.00 $20.00
Campo Flores Tinto 2019 $18.00 $18.00
Sensale Grillo 2020 $18.00 $18.00
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Serra da Estrela Albarino 2020 $30.00 $30.00
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