4 Kilos

Four Kilos are responsible for 3 wines of their own, and are also instrumental in Gallines i Foques, which is made for the Amadip.Esment Association, who look after local youth with mental health issues. Four Kilos first came to market with the 2006 vintage of 4K itself. 12 Volts commenced with the 2007 vintage, Grimalt-Caballero’s first vintage is 2010 and Gallines i Foques started with 2009. A fifth wine, 1st vintage ‘12, is Chateau Pâquita, a ‘natural’ wine made by Eloi in partnership with 4KG.

Mallorcan native, Francesc Grimalt and Barcelona boy Sergio Caballero are the owners of the project. The business, Apol.Lonia Viticultors, is named for Francesc’s mother, but the name under which they travel, 4 Kilos, is rather more fun. A Kilo is old Spanish slang for a million pesetas (in today’s money about 6,000 Euros). Francesc and Sergio started the business by chipping in 2 Kilos each, for 4 Kilos in total. Eloi Cedó Perelló is employed as winemaker for all wines. Eloi is a Catalan native of Montsant, and previously worked in Priorat with a certain Alvaro Palacios. Francesc himself studied in Priorat under Oriol Castells, currently head winemaker at Alvaro Palacios. Francesc also had early experience at Artadi in Rioja Alavesa and was the start-up winemaker at Anima Negre.

Francesc drives the project as viticultor, winemaker and more. Graphic artist Sergio does the artwork and promotional gear, such as the video “murder in a boring circle of land art”, which inspires the unique label for the 2011 4 Kilos (the labels for 12 Volts, Grimalt-Caballero and Gallines i Foques are repeated, but 4 Kilos gets a newie each release).
At the end of this document you can see the history of unique labels for each vintage of 4 Kilos.
Sergio runs Barcelona’s annual ‘Sonar’ electronica music festival, which he founded. There are lots of amusing videos on their website (www.4kilos.com) that are worth checking out. SCOTT WASLEY