Ar Fion

Sick of a timid wine culture that’s afraid of embracing its own rich heritage, and instead makes pale imitations of more lauded old world styles, Mackintosh has set out to make wines with a distinct sense of place. The Yarra Valley, as viewed through this highly idiosyncratic prism, is revealed in ways that were previously unknown and are surprisingly delicious… Inspiration for Ar Fion wines is drawn directly from his time spent at Giant Steps, where he and Steve Flamsteed created Salo Chardonnay as a way to explore the boundaries of what is possible with Yarra Valley chardonnay. Mackintosh describes Flamsteed as the Kofi Annan of the wine world, without a bad word to say about anyone and the innate ability to make great things from the raw materials provided. But it is from Phil Sexton, the founder of Giant Steps, that he has perhaps learnt his greatest lesson, and that was to have the guts to follow his personal and professional instincts and to have a go. PATRICK WHITE, Gourmet Traveller Wine