Craggy Range

Craggy Range is the realization of a viticulturist’s dream, a destiny fulfilled or perhaps more accurately, a destiny being fulfilled because this is a producer that despite its success, still seeks new challenges. Their leitmotif for single vineyard, terroir-driven wines is unequalled in New Zealand, a paradigm of the country’s dynamism and at the heart of Craggy Range’s ascent is my “chauffeur”: Steve Smith MW. NEAL MARTIN, Robert Parker

Undoubtedly Craggy Range is one of the great estates in New Zealand. Situated in one of the most beautiful settings, the winery is not only beautiful it is also one of the most technically advanced ever built in New Zealand – is known for uncompromising standards and meticulous craftsmanship. Under the thoughtful guidance of Steve Smith MW the wines of Craggy Range continue to evolve in style as each vintage provides a new platform for improvement as vine age begins to demonstrate the true potential of the sites that were rigorously selected for planting. PWS