Dominio del Urogallo Pesico

Dominio del Urogallo is the project of Nicholas Marcos, a deeply intelligent, slightly contrarian figure of the natural wine world. Nico set up shop in the remote corner of Cangas del Narcea, drawn by the natural beauty of the area and the heroic nature of the vineyards – old, obscured varietals, planted along insanely steep slate terraces that look like a Spanish version of the Mosel or Hermitage. The wines he produces here are fascinating, complex and unique – fashioned with care and skill from nothing other than the grapes themselves, no additions, no filtrations, no sulphur. In true Nico style his uncompromising pursuit of what he believes wine should be, a pure expression of the land, has put him at odds with the few remaining local producers who prefer the relative safety of farming conventionally and making wine in a technically correct but rather mundane fashion. Because of this Dominio del Urogallo sits in the rather unusual position of being the only producer capable of putting Cangas del Narcea on the worlds’ wine map – as he’s busily doing with a dedicated following in the U.K., Japan, Australia and the U.S., whilst also being banned from the official congregation of the towns’ producers. He’s a tall poppy, an outsider who has challenged what’s possible in the small town of Cangas, he’s definitely upset some locals – but he’s wines are bloody delicious and while he might not be popular in the village, he maybe exactly what the village needs. ALIMENTARIA