This is a superb source of very pure, scented dry Rieslings. STEPHEN TANZER

I was first introduced to these wines when Thierry visited Australia some years ago with his close friend Jean-Luc Mader. His take on his wines are as refreshing as they are, he has been quoted a few times saying “my wines will never win out in a blind tasting of ten others but I know which one you will reach for when they are on the table”. I absolutely love his frankness and I would tend to agree with his. His preference is to pick earlier than some of his neighbours as he favours a more refreshing, less alcoholic, fresher style than is perhaps the fashion among certain old school producers in the region. The results are usually super and, as he says, refreshing and food friendly. It is young, thoughtful winemakers like him that are leading the charge to bring Alsace back to fore and I for one am grateful they are. ROSCOE