L.A.S. Vino

I was born and raised in Margaret River to two winemaking families, Cullen on my Mother’s side and Pierro on my Father’s. After receiving a Masters in Oenology from Adelaide University I spent time travelling the world making wine in; Mexico, USA and London. Coming home I had burning desire to create and experiment. I wanted to create wines that were not traditionally being made in Margaret River and use methods that were slightly uncommon.

With a credit card for finance, some incredible vineyards and a a few barrels and amphora I started L.A.S. Vino. With the L.A.S. standing for Luck, Art and Science, the 3 essentials needed in creating great wine. Initially, I had hoped that friends and family would buy the wine out of sympathy, but within 3 years the wines have been put on lists in some of the top restaurants in Australia and the wine is now exported around the globe. Its all seems a little surreal. Our focus is on quality and creativity and partly due to this I was honoured to receive the 2016 Gourmet Traveller Young Winemaker of the Year Award. Its been an incredible journey.

1. What got you into wine?
Family, Friends, Fun and a love of creating.
2. Which of your wines best defines what you’re about? (Tell us why too.)
3. With wine, what’s next?
4. What is your winemaking mantra? OR Do you have a favourite quote about wine or winemaking?
Magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone was reasonably expect .
5. What wine lesson – or winemaking lesson – did you learn the hard way?
 The little things matter.
6. What are your 3 favourite wines right now? Why?
Koener Cab franc, Fleur de Lune Grenache, Josh Cooper Pinot Noir.
7. What song is the soundtrack to your life; what wine is the winetrack? (Tell us why too.)
If natural wine’s soundtrack is Punk, L.A.S. Vino’s is Disco.
8. What’s your favourite TV show… and what’s the perfect wine to drink with it? (Don’t forget to tell us why.)
True Detective with Josh Cooper Pinot Noir, Cause it evolves and get better and better, the plot develops with each episode just like the wine and the end you are left satisfied yet still mildly confused, but wanting more.
9. You are, in one word…
10. What’s your desert island wine?
The Pirate Blend. Not because it necessarily matches well or better than other wines in hot weather on a desert island. I just feel as though if I was stuck on a desert island it would be a pretty good wine to use in barter and trade with if Pirates came to party/ rescue me. If this wasn’t available… Pina Colada.