Lalou Bize-Leroy rarely has much to say about vintages these days as she mostly just concludes that each of them have their own personalities and that should be a sufficient explanation for what transpired. After almost 20 years of visiting the domaine, I am rarely surprised by the typically stupendous quality. It’s not so much that the wines are powerhouses of exceptional concentration, so much as they are just so harmonious and seamless that you can’t help but admire their grace and inner beauty. If you can find them, and then afford them, don’t miss them. BURGHOUND


There is little to be said about this revered domaine that has not already been heard by every lover of Burgundy. While the Maison Leroy has a long history, the domaine began in 1988 when Lalou purchased the estate of Charles Noellat in Vosne. A cult producer was born almost overnight and soon the wines were rivalling those of more established estates; as were the prices. Lalou is one of the region’s most staunch advocates of biodynamics.  Her innovations in viticulture (including changing the traditional training system allowing the shoots to continue to grow and then be curled down as opposed to being removed at a certain length) have been adopted by many of Burgundy’s more famous estates and her almost uneconomically low yields are now legendary. Few wineries anywhere on earth garner the same kind of awe from consumers as this one. ROSCOE