Liger Belair

‘Do I have a philosophy?’ inquires Louis-Michel. ‘It’s a very grand word for something as simple as wine. Wine is not science. It’s a sensation, an emotion, a feeling, an instinct……..‘ LOUIS-MICHEL, Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair
The minuscule climat of Romanée lies directly above that of La Romanée-Conti and is separated from it by a path. Further upslope is the premier cru Aux Reignots, to the north is Richebourg, to the south La Grande Rue. As all the Burgundian grands crus are appellations in their own right La Romanée has its own separate appellation contrôlée. At 85 ares it is the tiniest in France. (La Romanée-Conti, which covers 1.81 hectares, is the second smallest.) Like La Romanée-Conti it is a monopoly, under the exclusive ownership of the Comte Liger-Belair family, as it has been since its creation. La Romanée is unmistakably of top quality grand cru lineage. CLIVE COATES MW

The rarest of the rare as the tiny .8452 (~2 acres) ha La Romanée is the smallest appellation in all of France Curiously, most people believe that La Romanée-Conti holds that distinction (Château Grillet is often named as well); La Romanée-Conti is actually the 4th smallest among the major appellations, surpassing the 1.57 ha of Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet and its direct neighbor, the 1.65 ha La Grande Rue. La Romanée produces on average only 300 cases each vintage and thus it’s unusual to taste even one bottle a year. BURGHOUND